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By Anonymous
cmw+dagger is a KILLER for PVE
By Anonymous
I prefer to use curved swords because of the dagger medocre/bad scalling and i do prefer higher on hit over higher dps, and the curved swords genrenly have a really nice 2 handed move set good to amazing scaling (painting guardian sword) while still being pretty fast to maximise the benifit
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By SlaveKnightKos
The other dude is right, dagger was better in demon's souls
By Anonymous
Literally doing this build rn haha glad somebody else thought it was cool too even if it’s not the most OP way to do it, there’s something cool about the dagger imo
By Anonymous
Bruh y’all aren’t including rapier in this riposte convo
By Anonymous
On a Str/Int build with Manus Catalyst, does the magic adjustment scale with Strength? Or is it only for dark sorceries that deals physical damages? Thanks!
By Anonymous
only dark sorceries scale with dex and str
By Anonymous
All sorceries "scale" with dex. Their attack rate increases. I made a dark bead spamming class with only Dex, Int. and Str increases.
By Anonymous
One would think logan created this along with the crustal spear and soul mass at the archives..but the descriptions implies this one was already around
By Anonymous
That's because the wiki is wrong, that's not the right description
By Anonymous
one shot gwyn this with demon great axe, power within and the hornet ring good ol riposte
By Anonymous
My nuts are exploding with semen at the sight of sorcery
By Anonymous
Dude...Get a girlfriend please
By Anonymous
why would he get a girlfriend if he can hang out and jeke jeke off with big hat logan, they both love sorceries it seems
By Anonymous
This buff overall is better than Darkmoon Blade.

1. More damage (only if you are Rank +1 or less in Blade of the Dark Moon).
Darkmoon Blade damage is calculated by 1.8x the magic adjustment. At 50 faith, the best talisman is Darkmoon Talisman, which has 226 magic adjustment. So 226 x 1.8 = 406.8 damage.
Crystal Magic Weapon damage is calculated by 1.4x magic adjustment. At 50 Intelligence, the best catalyst is Tin Crystallization Catalyst, which has 293 magic adjustment. So 293 x 1.4 = 410.2 damage.

2. More uses.
Darkmoon Blade occupies 1 slot and has 1 use.
Crystal Magic Weapon occupies 1 slot and has 3 uses.

3. Less requirements.
Darkmoon Blade needs 30 Faith.
Crystal Magic Weapon needs 25 Intelligence.

4. You can increase the duration using Lingering Dragoncrest Ring.
Darkmoon Blade you can't.
Crystal Magic Weapon increases 30 seconds, totaling 90 seconds.
By Anonymous
Doesn't the Tin Crystallization Catalyst half the amount of times you could use crystal magic weapon?
By Anonymous
I agree
By Anonymous
Tin crystal catalyst and Manus' catalyst halve spell uses and round down, spells with 3 casts are reduced to 1 which isn't really worth it
By Anonymous
Lol, I bet you didn’t even test this before posting, like majority of comments here. Both Manus and TCC bring the casts down to 1, so it’s the same as darkmoon blade,
second, why tf is less requirements a positive? The higher your int/faith the better, why should I care if it’s 25 and not 30 the more int/faith the better the boost, and if you have the darkmoon talisman you’re already rank 1, I’ll rather have the Darkmoon
By Anonymous
Anon 27 Jun. You can get multiple copies of CMW, attuning only 2 brings cast amount back to 3.
By Anonymous
10 Aug only if you’re playing ng+ and above, at that point, I could also farm sunlight blade to accompany darkmoon, who, albeit has lower damage, lightning is far better than magic.
By Anonymous
This is the best when you upgrade a +15 greataxe with the buff
By Demon Slayer
it adds a flat amount of magic damage to the weapon so using a faster hitting weapon will get more value out of the spell
By Anonymous
can someone fix the description for this spell? it has the great magic weapon one
By Anonymous
Which is better, this or Sunlight Blade?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Depends on what you're fighting