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By Anonymous
How does one do damage with this shield
By Anonymous
Put it on your right hand and smack dudes with it
By Anonymous
Very carefully
By Anonymous
The same way as how you do damage with literally anything... by putting it in your right hand. Left hand is for defence, right hand is for offence
By Fumeknight1045
The hollow shoulder shield used to be one of the best shields in the game boasting a monstrous 85 stability. Which sounds like a great shield in a medium shield suit. Unfortunately, when fromsoft realize that this shield is to stable for a medium shield, it was heavenly nerf to the depths for being to stable for an early game medium shield. Now it's stability is at 85 to 70 which makes this shield not good than it was back in the days. The shield isn't bad, but it gets outclassed by the kite shields and also the crest and grass crest shield, due to having not enough stability or usage to be great. So pretty tragic ending of an otherwise good shield.
By Anonymous
This shield was nerfed too hard. Yes it needed a nerf, but not this bad.
By Anonymous
Hey guys is it possible to parry with this shield??? Im trying to parry a black knight but it seems as if there is no effect of that parry and the guy just proceeds to annhilate me without pausing for me to riposte...