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I need to Axe you a question. AXE you a question. Get it. Haha.
Open their skull and get your answer right away.
Axe hole!



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Dat beez wayciss!... Knomesain?
Wow, why so many dislikes??
I keep my hatchet swingin'.
The 2H R1s have the same poise break as other axes (53) without the stumble if you miss a swing so with enough poise of your own it’s possible to out-stunlock even GiantDads with this thing, though the damage is kinda low.


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This weapon has become the "Strength" equivalent of the Falchion ever since 4get's video on the Off-Brand(on) build. This weapon is very good and is well deserving of the attention, especially when used with weapon buff spells.
That video is what brought me here
I have my Cleric Str/Fth build rocking a divine version of this as a fast swinging back-up weapon.
Great weapon to wield in offhand to catch bs fishers or just add damage/stun potential as you weave between the left and right hand attacks of your choosing.



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certainly a fun weapon
This weapon has an excellent moveset. It's fast. And your character does not "unbalance" if you miss an attack.
This weapon has a weight value of 2 not 1, was going to use it over the scimitar on a ninja flip havel build, but realized it is too heavy, going to use the scimitar, and either the parrying dagger or dark hand instead