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Anybody else ever wonder if these are turning into the snake men you see later in the game? They both have dark lower legs, as if they were walking in the poison of the swamp. Perhaps it mutated humans into the snake men you see later.
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They are probrably just infected by the blightpus. The reason why they aro not present at the swamp area and Lost Izalith initial might be because the Fair Lady sucked all the blightpus near quelaag's domain, avoiding further contamination.
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Troll 2
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If you look closer you can see they genitals
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Upon further inspection I not only confirmed this man’s statement but I am now writing this with bleach in my eyes
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Small pp
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why is this allowed
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Finally a reason to visit blighttown
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Why do I get the toxic status effect when I kill these? They never hit me.
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By ThunderFlip
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It's the blowdart snipers that are spread around the upper Blighttown area. They hit you from a distance and inflict toxic status. Try your best to keep moving and they should miss you most of the time.
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Wild and cringey. The sounds they make lmao. They even play pranks on one another by putting some of their bois in jars.
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Ah yes, the enemies I refer to as Grandpas, because they look like old men running around in their boxer shorts.
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PLEASE ANSWER,, what the meaning of NG+
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please answer, what the meaning of NG+
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"NG+" is short for "New Game +", and it refers to the state of playing the game over again from the beginning while retaining the level, experience, equipment, et cetera from a previous run. It is an option in many games, including Dark Souls. In Dark Souls specifically, NG+ provides enemies with greater health, that deal greater damage, and that drop more souls, as compared to their counterparts on NG, which stands for "New Game", referring to a totally fresh game started from scratch. After completing the game on NG+, the game can be restarted yet again with the same character, and we call that NG+2. Enemies health, damage, and souls are, once again, enhanced over NG+. The ultimate challenge is NG+7. Beyond that point, the game may be restarted while retaining everything with the same character, but the enemies will not change from their status in NG+7.
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A.k.a the only enemies in the game that drop souls so i can farm theit souls to do the souldupe