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This guy is a total bro
Is anyone else curious why he and the gaping dragon have four wings, while most other dragons seen have only two? Also, the great hollow definitely has reality bending properties, so this leads me to believe he's either from a different world altogether, or partially corrupted and hiding from the lords. Anyone recognize him from a demon souls? bloodborn?
It seems like true Ancient Dragons have 4 wings (Seath, The Ash Lake Dragon) as do their descendants including King of the Storm from DKs 3. The Gaping Dragon is also a descendant of the Dragon King. All other "Dragons" are actually Drakes and Wyverns, which are much farther from the Dragon bloodline.
While dragons aren't really mentioned in Bloodborne, I personally think they're eldritch in nature. Creatures in the same category as Ebreitas, Odeon, etc. The Drakeblood Knights seek out and perform strange rituals with dragon blood, in the same way Yharnamites used the old blood. Both seem to transform their allies into monstrous forms. The Ghastly Beast/Milkweed in Bloodborne and the Dragonbros in Souls.
"Yeah you cut off my tail, do I look like I give a *****? I'm everlasting. See, it already grew back. Get out of here, nerd."
He actually CAN be killed, if you use Cheat Table and One Punch Mode. I mean, it's using 3rd party programs, but I tried to cut his tail off with this active and he died. There was even that sound that plays when you defeat a boss. He didn't drop anything though
Did he make any unique animation?
would have made for a amazing boss battle two everlasting beings having a face off.
He died in the very far future, confirmed in DS2.
Ah, how lame. It'd have been cool to just have him chilling in the ground the whole time.
What a chill dragon, some random Murderhobo walks into his house, Cuts off his tail, and the guy is still like "hey wanna have a Dragon head and breath Fire?"


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I guess if I had a tail that grew back like that it wouldn't be as big of a deal if it got cut off.
mystery nigga
Quite good weapon for making pancakes