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id like to see the video show me where the set it coming from the other entrance
It's nearly impossible to do that, no? And besides, it's easier to get the the set from the Depths entrance anyway, the firelight path is mainly to get to quelag quickly as far as I've ever seen.
it is more fun getting it from the other entrance
Worth noting that the male and female versions of this set are slightly different, one of the few sets with that quality.

It's very slight though, the male set has inner dark green lining while the female one has a light purple inner lining, and the female version shows a bit of bare arm. Everything else is the same though.
The female version looks like Sekiro's armor
I absolutely love this armor
Correct me if I'm missing something, but this set can't be upgraded beyond +5, right? Why does it show values for +10?
Does upgrading all set pieces to +5 unlock higher tiers? I'd genuinely like to know.



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I corrected the error, the Shadow set can't exceed the +5.


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The leggings from this set are my daily use for when I don't want to wear Havel's Ring. Wish they had poise.