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By Anonymous
Good to have on your back. Would be even better if we could upgrade hp regen somehow.
By Anonymous
People who***** talk the Regen on Sanctus are imho, dumb... the shield would be overpowered if it could heal faster/more per upgrade. It has its uses and can even be combined with curse and RTS ring to negate and empower Power Within. Besides, in a game we’re you can blink and be gangbanged by 9 baby skeletons that bleed you out in seconds or fight a ghost that can snatch you up from a mile away, slit your throat and dump you in a bottomless death pit cause WHO swims in games... I’ll take any free healing I can get, saves me from having to use Estus outside of battle.
By Dark_Tanuki
Dude this is thing is awesome in soul level 1 builds or glass cannon builds.
By Anonymous
you stack sanctus with miracles such as regeneration and you got a pretty decent regen rate,plus the fact that sanctus is a shield means you can cover behind it and wait out your heal
By Anonymous
I agree that it’s a good shield but you could double or even triple the regen and it still wouldn’t be op.
By Anonymous
Use Replenishment alongside this thing. 12 hp per second doesn't sound like a lot, but you'll change your tune when it fills you back up while you're stabbing fools in Darkroot Garden.
By Anonymous
It restores 11hp per second. 22hp per 2 seconds to be exact, since the sanctus restores 2hp every 2 seconds.
By Anonymous
This would restore 22hp per 2 seconds, an average of 11hp per second, not 12hp per second. Since sanctus restores 2 hp per 2 seconds, not per second.
By Anonymous
By King_Havel
I never use this shield, but I upgraded it and made it divine. Now it's called Divine Sanctus. It sounds cool.
By Anonymous
Can I drop this shield for someone to get? Leeroy fell when I first tried to get the shield, so I will get it with other char of mine
By Anonymous
Do you have two pc?
By Anonymous
i see youre a man of culture as well.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
is there any downside to not meeting the faith req
By Anonymous
If you don't meet the requirement, the physical reduction and stability will be significantly worse, but you still get the full regeneration effect.
By Anonymous
Karmic Justice works well with this thing. The 95% damage reduction lets you get hit which triggers the spell and the regen makes up for the health loss. Basically free Wrath of the God castings for PvE situations where you know you gonna get stormed by lots of fast mobs where Wrath of the Gods would be harder to pull off.
By Anonymous
Is the shield a guaranteed drop? I Killed him with pyromancy and he didn’t fall off the cliff, but he didn’t drop any gear, just some souls and humanity.
By Anonymous
yes guaranteed
By Anonymous
same blasted thing happened to me, quit and reload and he invades you again, (you will lose the souls you got from killing him the first time but when he dies he drops the souls anyway)
By Anonymous
It’s a glitch that sometimes happens with Paladin Leeroy, sometimes the game will just fail to have him drop his gear