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Hey guys, It's Yurt here

On Tuesday, during the Fextralife Stream, on our impromptu Dark Souls Remastered Fight Club stream, we all decided we should host a Fight Club for the next time I stream. So get your characters ready!

Stream Fightclub FAQ
  • SL - 50
  • Password - fextra (isn't this always the case?)
  • Max Weapon Level to use - +5 (Normal Weapons), +2 (Unique Weapons)
  • Location - Undead Burg Bonfire
  • Time - 6-9 pm Pacific Time
  • The fight club will be on the PS4 platform!
  • Date: June 7th 2018 6pm-9pm PDT


Not much here since it's really low SL, but...
  • No Backstabs!!!!!!!! We are sick and tired of people fishing for these. If a Backstab happens, the fight will momentarily stop where the contenders will heal to max health and restart the fight. If it happens again, the person doing it will be banned.
  • Also if you've won 5 matches in a row, bow out and let others take your place. You can come back after others have had a try too.

Other than that, there's not much else to say, than get ready for a fun night. This is my first post on this account, so i'm not sure what else to say. Maybe the mods can add more to it.

See you guys there!

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The fight club will be on the PS4 platform!
Date: June 7th 2018 6pm-9pm PDT
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