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By pelida77
PVP, I mean yes, they can One Shot you, they are very fast...But on the good side, once you get the casting timing right is fairly easy to roll away, or to the side or through it. It's a fair mechanic to face that rewards your evasion skills, your awareness and knowledge of the game. You can evade Beads very consistently once you get the timing.
You can't say the same about something like Crystal Spear, which currently still is kind of a mess, you can roll evade but sometimes you still get phantom hit out of nowhere.
Same with pursuers that kind of forces you to roll away or run away, whatever, (you can roll directly to them and their damage is cancelled but is quite dangerous to do that... frequently Wizys don't expect that).
So I would argue that in a ranking of what sucks the most to face:
Cristal Spear (and the other Spear, is it Magic Spear?)> Pursuers > Dark Beads
By Anonymous
I somehow don't think sl 4 players were meant to be getting spammed by this spell the int requirement is just way to low for being objectively top 3 most powerful spells.
By Anonymous
This spell is the reason I play offline.
By Anonymous
Git gud scrub
By Anonymous
I have to admit, getting a full load of dark bead right in the face hurts and ruins my day
By GreySkale45
As much as I hate them, I have to grudgingly admit respect for people who put themselves through O&S, Guardian, and Artorias at SL4 for this spell. I still hate you, and never want to encounter you again, but props for obtaining the Beads legitimately and suffering for your success.

Unless you cheat it in, or have a "friend" pass it along.

But you wouldn't do that, right?

You're not that much of a *****, are you?

By Anonymous
You can’t trade spells so it’s either legit or cheat
By Anonymous
Having just encountered a guy three times in short succession whose idea of fun was spamming this in a 3v1, I'm not feeling as charitable as you lol. I feel like it's kind of sad to slog through the most difficult parts of the game just so you can win invasions with as little effort as possible.
By Anonymous
I mean they could also just get overleveled friends to carry them, in which case I save an extra **** you
By Anonymous
Running through one of the most difficult parts of the game at sl4 for a spell to take on multiple people at sl4?

I’d say they earned it.
By Anonymous
You don’t know true pain until you fight NG+ Four Kangs by yourself when you’re below SL10.
By Anonymous
OP is a bussy people who use this on early levels are definitely earned it
By Anonymous
This thing is a literal shotgun
By Anonymous
You get invaded : panic
He casts small black orbs : panic intensives
They surround him : calm
By Anonymous
I’m used to Ds3 so when I saw this spell I was like, “Ok, this guys an idiot” before I knew it I was dead. That S***s scary dude.
By Anonymous
With 16 INT, using the Oolacile Ivory Catalyst and no Crown of Dusk or Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring, this spell deals 791 Physical damage and 1386 Magic damage, dealing a whopping 2177 damage, provided all the orbs hit their mark. Even if just 3 orbs hit it's still doing like 900+ damage, which is ridiculous for such little investment.
By Anonymous
At that much int, it’s better to just use the Default Sorcerer staff.
By Anonymous
Actually, due to the catalyst's flat 180 Magic Adjust without any scaling, it's horrible for high levels, but for low levels, the scaling on the Sorcerer's Catalyst isn't strong enough to provide a higher Magic Adjust then the Oolacile Catalyst.
By Anonymous
Ahh the classic experience of entering Undead Parish and immediately getting invaded by an invader with +0 weapons but every single sorcery boosting item with Dark Bead so they just one shot you
By Anonymous
I have 60 of these come fight me casul!
By Anonymous
Im a simple man, i see invader whit dark bead- i quit out
By Anonymous
It’s the full Lapp armor and Murky of Ds1
By Anonymous
Here's downvote you bussy
By Anonymous
The proper way to respond to most twinks or glitch builds to be fair. I am regrettably bull headed and chose to fight, works half the time. It just depends whether they are terrible at the game and using it to fake competency or if they actually can do a bit more than press r1. If they just press r1, I am ready to cyber bully em as soon as they're out of casts.
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