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By Anonymous
This weapon is actually pretty good
By Anonymous
No, it’s a***** weapon
By Anonymous
Maybe against a Slime or those Crystal Golems by the Hydra. Otherwise it sucks Gwynevere's amazing chest.
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By AlexMemes456
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i haven't tried it but looking at the dmg, its really bad. i'd say its more of a "newbie" weapon rater than being a decent weapon.
By Anonymous
Why does it say +15?
By Anonymous
Even the wiki knows the tru name of the Zweihander
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The Giant Hammer has an electric effect tho
By Anonymous
That's it i'm gettin me mallet
By Anonymous
You dare to challenge me? -randy
By Fumeknight1045
Sadly for the hammer of vamos, it was completely outclassed by probably any other hammer in DSR. The morning star at least deals bleed damage to comes to the cost to damage. But in the hammer of vamos case, it was worst. An average hammer should at least have 4.0 units of weight. Unfortunately, the hammer of vamos has 5.0 units of weight making it one of the heavier hammers. To make things worst, it also face a other familiar competition to the chaos reinforce club. The chaos reinforce club is lighter, deal more damage, has higher scaling and it's more easier to get. The only time that you can use the hammer of vamos is when you create some sort of cosplay. But other than that, it's the worst hammer in the game.
By Anonymous
But it's a sledgehammer.
By Anonymous
HHH likes it
By Anonymous
To anyone who thinks this hammer is trash go back to skrim casuals
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If you have this weapon you're a terrible person.
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Dude! It was those ****ing wheel skeletons. I didn't even see that. And it was in the early game so it'd definitely affected my run
By Anonymous
Hes also got a badass viking helmet. So I just gotta rob him
By Anonymous
how dare it deceive us with its striking good looks
By Anonymous
you sir, have made an unintentional pun.