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By Anonymous
The bloated dredge did not drop it.???
By Anonymous
bozo you're supposed to kill a special fathead
By Anonymous
Stack Crown of Dusk and Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring, and this spell is hilarious to use on bosses.
By Anonymous
Talk about melting, my God I have a flambéd Sif now
By Anonymous
Eighty uses, damn. I need to visit that painting again!
By Anonymous
But it uses up one use per second.
By Anonymous
more like 10/s
By Anonymous
Can you get multiple? Thinking of trolling in lost izalith with chameleon and this.
By Anonymous
Yes, NG+
By Anonymous
Your disguise will break when you use the spell
By Anonymous
most fun piromancy combined with power withing for burning nito aliven´t
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By SlaveKnightKos
Planning on trying a low level troll build with this power within, belowing dragon crest ring, crown of dusk, pyro flame +5 and wolf ring. Be prepared for a good roasting.
By Anonymous
wait, so you mean that the great swamp people were able to come up with crazy moves like fire tempest, but they never discovered how to make something as obvious as a flamethrower? That's rich.
By Anonymous
I love the mistery surrounding this spell. You find it behind two illusory walls, presumably being hold by a crying bloated dredge. Who was he? Why did he have It? Did he know how to use It? Why was he crying? A lot of questions that will never have an answer.

I love this game
By Anonymous
Really fun pyromancy. You can tap fire it and it only uses one or two casts out of 80 to kill weak enemies