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By PontiffSullivan
Tbh probably the easiest covenant item to farm, given the bugs don't fight back.
By Anonymous
You can also get these from PVP combat, invading people as a sunlight darkspirit. Defeating the host rewards one medal.
By Anonymous
that's true for DS3, not sure it's the case in DSR
By Anonymous
if it is true that wont be jolly co-operation
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Can you drop this item to someone else?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
how can i get this in a pirate game???
By Anonymous
You start by buying the ****ing game
By Anonymous
Are you stupid? The article tells you in all caps "HOW TO OBTAIN SUNLIGHT MEDAL", read it.
By Anonymous
Always ask how to do this "offline", so u get an actual answer, instead of these virtue-signalling bs.

Put on item discovery gear, then farm chaos bugs in lost izalith shortcut.
By Anonymous
Buy the game you scum.
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By ToastyBread
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So telling people to not commit crimes is virtue-signalling now, anon 3?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Maybe buy the game you cheap mfer
By Anonymous
Yur not going to hevam
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Is it really JUST 3 percent chance? These things are hard to come by on Chaos Bug drops.
By Anonymous
Tbh on 410 item discovery(gold serpent ring and 10humanity) I was getting 1-2 per run.
By Anonymous
The remake is ridden with ways to duplicate items.
By Anonymous
three things: Gold serpent ring, Symbol of avarice, and 10 soft humanity
By Anonymous
3% chance is low?? try farming covenant items in ds3. btw for the plat you have to farm like 5 covenants in ds3.
By Anonymous
I know I’m late to the party….. but if there happens to be by some miracle, a Warrior of Sunlight member who wants to get some Sunlight Medals hollar at me lol

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By Raaz
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We help each other.
By Anonymous
Will trade humanity for medals
By Anonymous
Wish you could give these away in DS2. I'm done with the covenant rewards and I got 76 now I got no idea what to do with lmao
By Anonymous
How about you post on the DS2 page
By Anonymous
>"How about you post on the DS2 page"

you'll live dude
By Anonymous
i dont know if theres a guy you can sell stuff to like frampt but if there is give them to him and keep 1 as a souveneir or just offer them up to the covenant
By Anonymous
why are people talking about dark souls 2 here? GO TO THE DARK SOULS 2 WIKI