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The Picture shows a chaos eater. Kinda confusing if you don´t know the enemies well.
No it doesn’t
You can also get these medals if you are summoned to another world where they summoned solaire
Or a sun bro in general!



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You can loot 3 medals opposite of the second bonfire in Anor Londo, not the first
It says "the first bonfire in the CASTLE of Anor Londo"
And anyway that's the third bonfire if you go by that standard
DO i get 2 if i summon solaire and another sunbro?
Just found out: No u only get 1 :(
Sat at Drangelic Castle for about 8 hours and got all the summons I needed. About 1 every 15-30 min, sometimes more frequent. SM: 5.6 million. On PS4. PRAISE THE SUN
okay cool but that's Dark Souls 2. This is the wiki for Dark Souls 1/remastered.
Getting summoned very frequently at the Fume Knight bonfire at around 4M SM
I think your on the wrong wiki
Wrong wiki buddy
Will trade humanity for medals I’m on switch at soul level 48 rn
I hate these stupid medals!!! I just want 10 and I gotta play the WORST part of the game to get them. The stupid *** online! I HATE ONLINE DARK SOULS!!! Waiting 8 weeks for a summon. Getting invaded and dying EVERY TIME (gotta love getting hit by someones sword from 8ft away as if I needed to be beat down any harder). **** off invaders for 2 seconds so I can get 10 sunlight medals and never unhollow ever again.
If you hate multiplayer so much, prioritize getting to the Izalith shortcut,, put on the covetous gold serpent ring, and farm bugs.
Do it early game, lots of summons at parish. Or farm chaos bugs?
Yeah you can just farm the bugs with that gold serpent ring and either the mimic chest or 10 humanity for maximum drop rate, using this it takes maybe half an hour to farm all 10 of them. Even without max item discovery, it's preferable to waiting "8 weeks" for a summon.
You know you don't have to be human to be summoned right?
just git gud lol
I had a brain aneurysm trying to read this and put it into a coherent thought
Dark Souls 3 online is still very active if that gives you something to look forward too =p


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I started with cleric and put 1 level in faith only. Got soap stone then got summoned for Taurus demon twice lowering covenant requirements to 15. Then keep summoning for Taurus demon to get medals. Staying lower level seemed to make summoning fairly frequent.
git gud casul