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someone gonna add pictures to armor stuff or is this Game its wiki abandoned
It's in Beta, chill...
Someone must have started this Dauntless page without consulting Phoenix Labs Studios; or checking out the OFFICIAL Dauntless website ( I'll just add this here for anyone else who may be looking for a Dauntless Wiki ... As of July 2019, the OFFICIAL Dauntless Wiki is here: Some pretty cool people keep it updated, who also are in the OFFICIAL Dauntless Discord:
OFFICIAL Dauntless website: https :// playdauntless . com OFFICIAL Dauntless Wiki: https :// dauntless . gamepedia . com /Dauntless_Wiki OFFICIAL Dauntless Discord: https :// discord . gg / dauntless It seems that OFFICIAL sites are not allowed to be linked in the comments. I've added spaces to the web links. When you copy/paste these, remove all the spaces.
Its at the top