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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Great Chaos Fireball is great for dealing with these if you want to kill them for some reason. The Lava Pools kill the little worms.
Ugh. It's my first playthrough and I hate the thought of growing an egg sack over my head!
Bit odd how some of them need to be attacked to aggro them while others are already aggro
Wasn't expecting the nasty surprise when I killed the two outside Quelaag's domain. The Vile Maggots killed me faster than the boss did in any of my 6 attempts.
Guys relax with the strict advice to never kill them, after killing the bearer himself if you delay your next attack and time it right you can kill all 5 at once as soon as they spawn out. Any weapon can pull this off and the timing becomes stupidly easy after a couple of successful attempts. I often kill every one of them because it becomes really satisfying even though there’s not much reward...
I used the evil eye rig and would poison myself as soon as I left the bonfire. I would then kill all 24 enemies on the way with soul arrows (they don’t do much to queelag) and I would be back to full health