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By Anonymous
I like this weapon in mid-game.

If you didn't get BKH in Darkroot Garden you can just buy this right after getting to Anor Londo and upgrade this to the maximum with Twinkling titanite.

Also it looks stylish with Giant Armor.
By Anonymous
One of the bigger disappointments of a weapon up to this point in a game. Love me a Halberd that I literally can’t thrust with :/ the moveset is janky, stats are meh, it requires Twinkling titanite to level up... Do yourself a favor and shove this into Frampt’s mouth if you get one. You get a free Lightning Spear from Sen’s Fortress, the area before Anor Londo, and it’s far, far superior
By Anonymous
Agreed it's not my favorite choice for a weapon, but feeding it to Frampt for 50 souls doesn't seem worth it either.
By Anonymous
Instead of what? Just keep it and get nothing? Clutter your inventory?
By Anonymous
lol are we using the same weapon? this thing is way better than lightning spear also you can definitely thrust with it
By Anonymous
Cool weapon me like
By Anonymous
Another thing to note: because it's a halberd, the running attack is bugged while you're slowed down by water or sludge, skipping the animation to the damaging part. Probably useless except for a few occasions and only in PvE but i thought it was worth poiting out
By Anonymous
This could be good if it had a higher scaling, specially in Str
Like, this is a GIANT'S Halberd. It would make sense to have some good Str scaling, while also making a place for itself being the only Str Halberd in the game and all (well, I guess most Halberds are ''quality'', but you get me)
By Anonymous
High base physical + lightning dmg no need for scaling. Just like the BKH it makes up for its drawbacks with sheer power.
By Anonymous
You guys hating on it are dumb. When you reach Giant Blacksmith, you should have the full +5 set including this Halberd to do the most damage possible at that point. It is fast and does more damage than any comparable +10 regular.
By Anonymous
Comparing a +5 twinkling titanite weapon to +10 regular is a huge mistake, the 10 twinkling titanite and upgrade costs alone are insane, you have to compare at least with +14 to make it somewhat fair.
Also with 16 weight it's insanely heavy and damage wise still loses to almost every halberd of similar level. Also split damage is generally worse, so you have to account for that in a 1:1 comparison too. The only benefit it has is the tiny bit of str and dex scaling on a lightning weapon, but that's not enough imo.

I'm not hating on it btw. still used it in my halberd playthrough and it's definetly decent but after all just not worth the investment.
By Anonymous
Its useless. This does 140/135 base and +5 does 210/202 with 36str 12 dex 16 weight. A regular halberd with lightning does 213/213 and +5 does 275/275 16 str 12 dex and 6 weight
By Anonymous
The love child between the Black Knight Halberd and the Demon's Spear.

Good moveset and range, not so good damage and weight. Still pretty fun to use.