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By Anonymous
Is it ****?
By Anonymous
The moveset is, indeed, ****
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By WyvernCutless
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Yes, complete garbage. It really has no redeeming qualities.
By Anonymous
I personally enjoy it. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, it can do some pretty good damage, especially with the added lightning. The movest is pretty simple, so handling it is pretty easy. All in all, especially if you like the big and weighty design, it can be pretty fun to use.
By Anonymous
it's definitely not the best halberd. Weighs way too much for how little damage it does; you could say that it pairs well with the leo ring, but all the other halberds (besides the Great and Lifehunt Scythe) do too.
By Anonymous
Good question. No it's not ****.

The really long reach and poking R2's more than make up for the high requirements and split damage.

It's also the best option for Strength builds who want some extra range and speed imo. If you can bear the requirements it's pretty good.
By Anonymous
"Gaint's Halberd +5" lol
By Anonymous
Gayn't halberd +5
By Anonymous
ymmv, but I have been SHREDDING the game with a +5 of this. Smough and Ornstein are unfortunately resistant to lightning, but I haven't encountered anything else that can stand up to this thing.
By Anonymous
Smough is weak to lightning
By Anonymous
Wth, are you dumb or just ignoring the message on the ground before the fight that says to try lightning?
By Anonymous
Jeez y’all, not all of us know it all
By Anonymous
4 things that would convince you try this weapon: 1) one of longest weapons in game [longest reach in halberd class] 2) moveset is very good, especially R2 thrust that has huge reach 3) Stylish asf! 4) Will cheap damage through shields
By Anonymous
Unfortunately, the giant's halberd is the worst halberd in my opinion. It has multitude of issues like low scaling, high requirements, worst against enemies who resist lighting, slow heavy attack, heaviest halberd and faces competition from the black Knight halberd. The black Knight halberd at least has lower scaling, lighter and it's better against other enemies especially demons. That said it's solid against enemies who's weak against lighting.
By Anonymous
I like it simply because it's one of the 4 weapons with innate lightning in the game.
By Anonymous
it's a one handed axe
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By Anonymous
This weapon is max +5 ?
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By SlaveKnightKos
yes, that is how unique weapons work
By Anonymous
Playing dsr and for the first time using this after a sentinel drop. Reinforced to +3 currently and it does work!! Easily destroying everything in my path through anor londo, painted world, and beyond. I can't believe I never used this when I played through the original. Solid moveset although with that being said, if i get lucky enough to receive a bkh i may switch.
By Anonymous
hate to bust your balls man, but it's basically a worse version of a black night halberd.