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{RANT INCOMING - ***Nitty Gritty at the end if you wanna skip***} Okay so this is Sir Rant-A-Lot here again about to lay some rage for a sec. ***** you whoever designed Lunastra this way, you need to get some therapy and calm the ***** down with this bull*****I was only annoyed with normal Luna as she was, but Arch Tempered Luna is just awful. All you did was increase the heat damage to the point that now we're fighting basically Dreadqueen Rathian with her Deadly Poison that can cart a player in under 10 seconds if not treated immediately. But at least with her you didn't have wind effects trying to stop you from living. I swear to god if I have to use a single armor set, for a single monster to be actually fair, then what in the ***** is this game anymore? Before all you had to do was have good positioning, a weapon you're proficient with, health potions, and some whetstones cause no infinite whetstone items in previous games. You really didn't need a whole lot. Besides defense, but getting better defense wasn't a pain to get and hell it's not impossible to fight things with lower defense just a hell of a lot harder but that's another topic. Point being I shouldn't have to grind my life away on an armor set I will only use for this one monster, these few times, that I don't even really like the skills on it at all. I pick armor based on the skills it has. If I like or want to try out that set it's fun to grind for it and see if it's worth while. Not being forced to a meta of "Well you have to have A,B,C, and D in your set to make her doable." Are you *****ing kidding me? Here's a comparable example: "You have to eat nothing but Grilled Chicken, Drink plain water, with a side of broccoli or some other steamed veggie, no salt, and you have to eat it all with a fork to be able to continue living today." (Caps alert) Maybe I want a steak today, maybe I want soup, maybe I want to use a spoon or knife for my food, maybe I want a soda or alcoholic beverage, maybe I just wanna go *****ing caveman style and eat the GOD DAMN STEAK WITH MY MAN FINGERS, BARELY CHEWING, AND SWALLOW MOST OF IT WHOLE! Maybe I don't wanna eat that day. Maybe I wanted to sleep in a little longer before running off to start my day. I shouldn't be held down by a single format to perform a certain task. The idea of monster hunter is variety in it's core. From weapon design, to skills, to monster variety, monster attacks and combos, elements, even the choice of weapons is varied with a total of 14 current weapons to choose from to go through the game with. So explain to me why is it at the end of this game filled with choices and variation, is it only End Game Content is seemingly the most forced cookie cutter experience by far? And sure you can say "Well you can do it your way it's possible!" Getting shot in both knees, the chest cavity thrice, and both hands at the same time is possible to survive, but is it really how you want things to go? Wouldn't you have rather not got shot in the first place? That's how I feel. I want to love this game and currently I do because when players are left with their own choices to make as to how to take on a monster it's great. But AT Luna is slowly killing my drive. I can only hope a G-Rank/Master Rank version of her fixes her bull*****As if from what I've been told previously, they do increase the damage but they change up how the monster moves and reacts to the point you don't know what it'll throw at you next. New moves and different combos is the way to make a game more difficult. Not throwing more damage at the player and making them eat through more health than before. ***** I can do that with mods man I don't need the devs to be so lazy for me. Put in some god damn work and make things right. {Rant Over Here's the Nitty Gritty} 1. I just need this pain train to stop. Maybe you guys enjoy being ********ed raw, no lube, by a horse that has no chill, but I don't. I like a game to be difficult because of real difficulty. Not just increase in number stats. 2. To the Devs I recommend pushing out G-Rank/Master Rank Properly as it should be and quickly because this PC delay***** is also aggravating as it shouldn't take 7 months to port over things you've already made. 3. For those who believe the game is too easy, go play previous monster hunter games where the game isn't as forgiving in animations and difficulty. Or go play Dark Souls or whatever game you think is harder if you don't like this one. Hell just go mod the ***** out of MHW and shut the ***** up because you're honestly ruining the experience for other gamers. Clearly the devs don't care if you mod so go whine to the mod community about making one so your little pain-slut butthole desires can be filled properly. Thanks for reading I really tried to not write a novel on this***** but I like details and I hope some of you guys do too. Anyways, enjoy, or not. At least I warned you this time. I will likely be back when Master Rank Lunastra arrives. Until next time~
I've done it 5 times and got the armour set. Hint: Bring fireproof mantle, cool drinks and astera jerky and spam superman dive when she uses her supernova heat wave. Also bring something with wind resistance as she can knock you down during the first few seconds of her supernova, preferably kushala gamma armour set with fire resist decorations. This makes the fight somewhat manageable and I died a lot less with this.
Honestly, I think most of the problem with the so called "design" of these creatures, is that they either bum rush each player (good luck healing if you dont have max gobbler!) every second (Lunastra, constantly runs inbetween targets, annoying as hell.) or they prioritize any player using an item; meaning there is no aggro in this game, which is stupid. I'm not saying it SHOULD have been designed around holy trinity, but give players something to rely upon by practical design, not "yaaar attack anything randomly brrraaawwww". The older monster hunter games have way more functional design to them, these are honestly a cluster*****.
Dude, game is not that hard but is fun. I made all her mais quest line amd optinal quests with 0 deaths using insect glaive. Try taking a time do see the reactions of the monster, realy helps out and be prepared after all if it is a fire monster using things to prevent that kind of damage is recomended
Recommendation for solo bow wielders who have trouble with her getting up in your face, increase the invulnerability window on doge and it might just save you.
I don't understand why people keep defending this sh1t. AT elder dragons are literally a joke to kill, this thing is so fcking unbalanced whit a cheap moveset. The fight is a constant bullsh1t , the supernova can't be even avoided.
git gud
git gud?! ahaha try be original you *****ing loser
Chill out mate.
Try to git gud first, noob.
I agree, git gud.
cheapest monster perhaps cheapest thing i i've ever fought in any game, wind pressure stunlock, follow up attack during stunlocks, sometimes she flap her wings causing fire shockwaves out of nowhere and spams it too
Well, the problem of Lunastra is not her damage or her supernova. You see, its kinda like Behemoth - you just need to LEARN how to deal with that and it becomes much easier. The real problem of Luna is her awful weakspots+her crazy speed. You see, she has tail, face and wings weakspots, but she moves so fast, and attacks so much that you don’t have even 0,5 sec to hit her right in the face. She WILL hit you faster. Its not a matter of skill. If she have a little shiny weakspot on her rear legs, for example, the fight would be muuuch easier. The best way to beat her is to cheese her with ko-chain with slugger. Take GS, get her near the ledge, put some bombs and then ledgehop till death. In perfect situation she will die before she can even get up. The problem is IF she will get up and hit you it will be extremely hard to repeat the process. Its a cheese tactics but it can work. You will struggle fighting her «fair» because she IS unfair. Any exploit cheat tactics like clustering, ledgehoping or bow ko-chain will work. The fair fight - forget, the monster is hardly unbalanced
Sounds like you suck. I beat at Lunastra fair and square and I don’t even have augmented gear yet
"Sounds like you suck. I beat at Lunastra fair and square and I don’t even have augmented gear yet" LOL. Lets see how well you do against her MR version buddy. Her normal version is easy as***** for the sole fact that she doesn't spam her Supernova.
Garbage fight
Anyone know to unlock her in master rank?
Guiding lands, Wildspire section at 5 or higher.
You also need to KILL her in the guiding lands
Kjarr ice CB with a decent build makes short work of luna, like really short
Thank you guiding lands for infinite death. Tempered Lunastra fight is even worst than Rajang. Her supernova attack is just bull*****and her normal aoe will kill you eventually. I need her fellwings which in the book says 3 star drop but I never got one. fuk me I so mad need to write this and share here.
See the thing about her Master Rank version is the fact she spams the living***** out of her supernova. Her regular high rank version rarely uses it and if she does its once or twice. I guess Capcoms way of hurr durr difficulty is making Lunastra spam her only attack that's worth a damn. Pretty garbage boss. I'd recommend always having Windproof 5 if you're fighting her.
They should of kept this trash monster in high rank tbh.