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Finding her harder to beat than anything else in the game, at the moment. I mean I guess it's my fault for playing gunlance, which isn't very mobile, but that heat wind attack is absolutely brutal and even if I get out of it alive I've taken so much damage. I guess I should swap to ranged weapons, but never really liked how little damage they seem to do... I can't wait to face her tempered form...
I heard bow is really effective against Lunastra. That's probably your best bet at a ranged weapon.
Guard 5 + Guard Up
Been having good results with Zorah GL for long shelling, with guard 3 and evade extender 3
"Git gud scrub" I beat this thing with negative fire resist*****ters.
Am i meant to be impressed cause I am not
Kinda sad. Talking like it's the highest point of your life
Literally not a single upvote. I take it you were playing bow/LS/IG running rocksteady and fireproof mantle?
i beat her with negative fire resistance, no fireproof mantle and no temporal, just a perfectly timed health booster and a vitality mantle.
Easy mode with IG Just don't bring Drachen or get burned to death I suggest Dante full set but that's a personal preference
Every decent IG player knows aerial damage is not viable compared to ground damage. If you want to do damage, you stick to the floor and use aerial for evasion. Thus you'll have about as much "Easy mode" as you'll get with a longsword.
After getting destroyed by this ***** a bunch of times i've figured out a pro stat: you take out your long sword, stand between her legs, and just keep attacking furiously. If you have reach you can hit her weak spots while she's flailing around, and eventually she'll fall down.
Friendship jews max and gobbler max makes this fight easy as long as you don't get staggered or knocked down you can drink a mega potion in time and it'll negate the constant burning effect of the nova if timed correctly no one should die
Me: Oh, Lunastra is not so hard Lunastra: *heat wave* Me: KONO PAWA!? MASAKA!?!? *Dies*
You can intercept nova with crystalburst
AT Lunastra's DOT is plain simple broken if you're solo
someone explain why she just did two off her super novas in the same minute, after bonding with teostra. IT MESSED UP MY HUNT.
Step 1: use health boost skill and fire res at least 20 Step 2: dont flash Step 3: do superman dive in correct timing when she does supernova Step 4: profit
Don't know why you're being downvoted, this is pretty much exactly what i did to get the lunastra gamma set