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The first time I ever killed lunastra and on that first carve I got a gem!
In world or in general?
that monster was sucks.. i thought daora was worst.. but there is much worst..so frustrating fighting her.. i maxed out all gear and all type of weapon to grade 8 and try it one by one..still no result.. im still lose againts her
NERF this Campcon I play for fun not for suffer
you know nothing of suffering if you think world is hard
This is the boss most unbalanced I see never.
Any skill for void burn.
Defensive play stily useless
Lance shield useles.
Dealt damage per second to high. Lunastra only need hold you few seconds on one fire for kill.
Rare run.
Her spam fire all time anywere.

I realy think this boss need nerf now.
or you need to git gud, anyone who is actually decent at this game should have no trouble with her, learn move sets and adapt, u know, the way ur supposed to play this game, quite bitching and play
and when she's in frenzy mode ..theres no chance for you to run...as she's one of the fastest chasing monster out there...and she constantly side slap with no delay per turn whenever you turn your back at her...
Lunastra is pretty annoying, but not horrible. Just fire an S.O.S. Flare if you’re having problems. She’s not impossible to solo (I’ve done it multiple times)

This is coming from a lance main, btw


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She wouldn't be to bad but then they throw in the other annoying creature in the game, daora , sucks beyond any other fight in the game.
You all need to learn how to spell and stop bitching. It's a game. It's supposed to be fun and challenging. If you can't beat her then send an S.o.S.
I did, got four people, failed, I did, got one, failed, I didn't, went solo, failed, she's hard, and is hiding additional content behind her quests, anybody who can't beat have the right to be angry or bothered by losing hours of time, recourses and constantly getting knocked around on your ***, essentially forcing you to do nothing, instead of, you know, play the game, and lunastra is SO different from literally every other monster, it should have been obvious that people would have trouble adapting, not to mention that she is genuinely more powerful than every other elder, maybe even stronger than the xenomorph, not to mention her speed, it is clear to me, that teamwork far beyond the usual case is necessary for this fight, but unfortunately most people don't even bother with the chat, so pre quest coordination is nigh on impossible.


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It actually Surprises me how much trouble people are having with her, to me she is my favorite fight right now because of her unique moves and how she changes up her attacks sometimes. even am currently farming her Tempered Version. People just dont like learning new things and want to stick to their old ways. one tip i can provide however is that it Seems Blast is actually really good on her, it staggers her quite often and gets rid of her heat dust, which delays or completely prevents her from using her supernova
Eldersealing or blast damage seems to stop her AOE from going off if you keep attacking her with them constantly. Also of you are fighting her in the Elders Recess I highly Recomend getting Nergigante or Kusha to help if they appear on the map. The Turf War will do great damage to Luna and everything I have Nergi, he keeps attack her hard and doesn't let her use the Nova blast. It's a lil risky but it's workes for me so far
Lunastra Alpha Armor Set and Lunastra Beta Armor Set
If you happen to be in the Elder's Recess when you fight Lunastra here's a tip, you can use Crystalburst to interrupt and completely negate Luna's supernova. The telegraph for Luna's ultimate is that it will roar and rise into the air, it will then proceed to cover itself in dust and this part here is where you fire the crystalburst. Be careful to not stand infront of any active blue flames that happen to be in the ground as they will block all projectiles.