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By Anonymous
She has a turf war with Nergigante, It’s just rare to see it.
She also has a bond interaction with Teostra
By Anonymous
Also with kushala which does about 4K damage
By Anonymous
Why no gem in melded? I got tickets to use.
By Anonymous
Because Lunastra was just introduced into MHW, so Capcom would kinda be shooting themselves in the foot if they let anybody who hoards tickets and eggs to meld gems and get the gear from the onset. They'll probably include the option to meld her gem in a later update, or you probably need to get her gem 1st before you can meld it.
By Anonymous
Flash bombs cause her to use her nova move if she's not in the air
By Anonymous
Regardless of whether Luna's on the ground or in the air, Flash Pods just seem to enrage her more quickly, and unlike every other flier in the game, Flash Pods don't bring her down. Although this seems like a huge nerf to the utility of Flash Pods, there's strategic value in this, mainly by forcing her to Nova early, which then resets her rage. Luna's Nova is WAAAAAAAY more dangerous than Teo's; it has insane range that'll fill all but the largest arenas, does massive damage both as direct bursts and a rapid DOT, and has multiple waves that prevent you from mitigating it with panic dives. Thus, it may be wise to Flash her in larger areas with escape routes and run from the inevitable Nova, rather than letting her Nova in a smaller area with no escape.
By Anonymous
If in Elder's Recess, the crystalbursts you can pick up off the ground are pretty good at staggering her
By Anonymous
I found that Luna wasn't especially difficult, but her supernova can be outright awful in some of the tight quarters (and even the not-so-tight quarters) of Elder Recess. Sometimes, you simply can't escape in time, whether from melting to the rapid heat damage or getting blasted by the explosions. So what I've done is carry Farcasters every time I fight her. The moment she starts heating stuff up, I pop a ninja bomb to safety, restock my Farcaster, and jump back into the fight. As far as I can tell, even if you get knocked on your *** from the first blast, you should still have time to Farcaster out before the second blast erases you. Whether you have enough health to survive the heat, however... well, that's another story.
By Anonymous
Just do superman dive..
By Anonymous
If you have low health, a superman dive won't do a damn thing for you because the heat can still kill you as you wait for the second blast (and if you mistime the dive, you'll could wake up into it). That's the problem. If you're trapped in a tight area with low health (and don't happen to have Crystalburst on you), then Farcasters can save your ***.
By Anonymous
I hate her. I hate all she stands for. I hate all her moves. I hate every single thing about this monster, it is the worst hunting experience I have ever had in my entire Monster Hunting career. I will hunt her to clear the quests and then never hunt her again. I don't care how good her gear is, she is not worth the frustration.
By Anonymous
damn sounds like you suck at videogames
By Parker_TheGhost
I thought she was annoying too until I started using my glaive and the next thing i knew i was just sailing over all her attacks and not getting scratched. sometimes it's best to leave the heavy working to the people who don't mind taking damage.
By Anonymous
Yeah Insect Glaive makes things a lot easier. Couldn't do it with Switch Axe unless I gemmed in Evasion lvl 5
By Anonymous
Cannot get past the Pandora's Arena quest because it's impossible for me to repel her in 15 minutes between the constant heat damage and her attacks which come out so fast I can't do anything except desperately hop away from fire patches, guard and weep uncontrollably into a pillow when I inevitably cart to the nova. And I thought Tempered Kushala was bad...
By Anonymous
Same I can't do it, been stuck for so many hours now
By Anonymous
Tip: you have to survive it only! I needed the 15min.. time was gone but quest finished.... I had 530def & 20 fire res. But the Damage was still horrible. Good luck
By Anonymous
Use cool drink, it save off part of the aoe. Create the mission for 2 players then call for help, that's what I did. Otherwise, she require a bit of setup if you mean to complete it all alone. You need to build fire res, along with your favorite dps weapon. Also keep she blinded with flash, you can do this in arena. On elder recess, after you blind her some times, she start to perform a massive blast every time... so it become a threath more than a crowd control.
By Anonymous
When you blind her mid air, she don't fall, another hint.
By Anonymous
To whoever says you have to survive only, that's complete ******* get your facts straight.
By Parker_TheGhost
Spent all day trying to get 1 gem and at the one i said was the last, it was an investigation, I carved one from the body, one from the tail, and got one from the investigation rewards... I don't know if i can say I earned all three but i can say that i am one lucky motherf***er.
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