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Completely useless stat?
Hell yeah
I am new to this game though i ve played dark souls 3 and i am wondering what is the point of this stat? every other stat that i put levels into seems to increase the defences as well so why invest on resistance?
I can only speculate it's something to dump souls in once you've capped any of the other main stats you are using and you just want to keep buffing, although it doesn't seem like they make it too worthwhile.
It's like the DS1 equivalent of DS2's Adaptability stat, and to a lesser extent DS3's Luck (although those are both better than Resistance)... Essentially the junk stat with certain niche uses. Tbh I think what they had in mind was a stat that magic users/ranged builds could put points into, rather than using heavier armor, but they just didn't make it effective enough to notice
Yes, every other stat boost your defense, but resistence boots it more. When you have souls for leveling up few leves, compare the defense bonus. Sometimes it add 2 points, sometimes 3. And in my opinion 10 points you put in defense instead to vitality after you hit soft čáp maight have better effect on surviving PvE attack :)
Adaptability is useful is you’re not a mage because it increases the number of i-frames in your rolls. Attunement also increases agility so it’s not very useful for mages but is almost a requirement I’d argue for non-mages
Does anyone have video/exact test conditions on the static debuff on damage?

It's still not worth getting over Vitality for most people but it'd still be nice to be able to verify/follow up on such a subtle and ill-documented effect,
its a trap!
I am taking a vacation in the Painted World of Ariamis right now to focus mostly on Resistance alone. It is going great. :)
I know resistance is considered weak, but it must effect some odd stat that no one thought about in detail. I have to assume it must effect how much bonus damage one takes from a critical attack(or maybe counter attacks?). I assume that since Wanderer feels good at that with it's high dexterity, and dexterity weapons focus on those.... and rpg's like to sometimes have these classes specializing in crits as also being resistant to them as well. It could also be that the less armor you wear, the more (hidden) effect resistance has on your base defenses? I only think that might be the case since Pyromancers and Wanderers are shown as tough, but did seem to be intended to go with lighter armors.... and knights start with just one point less then the other classes, and start in heavier armor. Or this stat was just intended to be a dump stat unless you for some reason had to spend a level up somewhere, or maybe the effect on defense is higher then it seems. I mean... a few points of defense seems like very little, but I think if the enemy's damage was blocked by enough of the defense stat it could be possibly weakened to as little as 10% of the attacks damage if the defense is that good(I am just going by what I've seen with bare fists pitiful damage in the late game).... possibly works after ones shield defense is taken into account. thoughts on any of these theories?
Just mindless speculation unless you want to actually test for changes with Resistance leveled up. I think Resistance is just a consequence of development or the developers overestimating how useful poison resistance would be.
I think the idea behind it was that this would be an option so you still wear the lightest armor possible. Unfortunately the gradation of defense increase from leveling it was just too low; I think if there was a range from like 20-30 where every point increased defense by 2-3 points there would be people using resistance instead of endurance, but since resistance is so weak and because endurance is linked to both stamina and equip load in DS1, it's just outclassed at low levels and useless at higher levels.
With resistance at 40 and havel's you can stand in front of the Artorias not doing anything with 20 points into health and get attacked 10 to 15 times till you die. With Havel's you won't get thrown off balance or staggered either so he won't interrupt your Estus drink swing a bunch of times then drink and repeat that simple. Grab a weapon like either a crystal weapon, gravelord sword, or fury sword that are all very strong and require though most minimum requirements, then have pyromancy on the side since it also requires no stats
There are simpler ways to kill Artorias than softcaping the most situational stat in the game.
Turtle says what?
when people don't level resistance, but then cry about being poisoned in blighttown...
yup, mine is only 14 and i ignore the poison almost entirely.
or you could wear the shadow set which weighs almost nothing and has bonkers poison resist. Same with the poisonbite ring.
Just eat a purple moss clump you fu**ing casual
Softcap 15 Hardcap 30-35