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Waait, why does this say scimitar everywhere, but this is the shotel page? I wanted to know what this weapon does in the offhand..
Parry I believe
If you were to use it I would main hand it for the shield bypass though
best dex weapon so awesome
Is Enchanted +5 shotel REALLy A scaling in dex? not int? I have doubts about that. Can anyone confirm please? * has conflicting info as well. Anyone know?
Its not
The alt kick on this is cool.
Why shotel +5 why not +10/15 ??
Great counter against turtling
This and black flame with pyro ascended +5 is great against invaders. Cut through their shield and then most wanna backstab and thats when you black flame. Rinse, wash and repeat for victory.
Does the shotel bypass shield when in the left hand
Yeah man, same weapon, same properties.
I don’t think so though because left hand turns heavy attack into a block or parry depending on the weapon.
Turtle's bane