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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Got this but kept to using the Heater shield, few percentage increase of fire and lightning wasn't worth trading the 100 phy defense, plus 4.0 vs 2.0 carry weight. Now if only there were some secret perks like the halberd ..
You can also make it Fire or Lightning and save it for when you're farming Dragons Scales and Pinwheel Servants or for boss fights. It has enough base Stability to take a solid hit or two.
"Magic and lightning upgrades improve the defense only slightly" I'm not shure, or just the table is messed up. Magic upgrade yes, improve slightly the magic defense, but fire and lightning are almost the same considering that the first has an improvement of 15 (from 75 fire defence to 90 at +10 fire) and the second of 14, just 1 point of difference (from the 70 lightning defence of the regular to 84 at +5 lightning)
Very solid shield worth the investment. Has 2 very high elemental resistances and its Stability is on par with the best Medium Shields. If you want a shield that can both Parry and withstand elemental attacks without buckling then look no further.

The only problems are that it is somewhat heavier than the staple shields, which may exclude it from certain builds, and the lower physical damage reduction compromises you at lower health.

Use it on builds that can keep their health high but hate elemental abuse. Great Magic Barrier and Strong Magic Shield should help patch up most of its weaknesses in a pinch.