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Perfectly balanced as all things should be
I have the basic Dark Souls edition on PS3 (latest patch) and the location with two Giant Sentinels in Anor Londo only gives one Demon titanite from the chest.
It is one DT for the original game and two for the remastered version.
that chest near the giant sentinels only gave me 1 in the remaster. Granted there were no giant sentinels cause it was night time.
I did it during the day when they were there and it still only drops one.


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remaster counts as ptde
Do the titanite Demon in Sen's Fortress give you anything?
All four drop a Demon titanite. The one at the end of the tunnel in a small chamber guards a soul item and the Scythe. The two demons that share a chamber (below where you rescue Big Hat Logan) are considerably stronger than the other two, and will double-team you if you're not careful.
Snuggly doesn't give Demon titanite for Rubbish - titanite Chunk instead
Try dung pies


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snuggly doesn't give demon titanite at remaster for prism stone and dung pie
yes he does. what r u on about. u have to drop it, quit out, load back in and u'll get ur demon titanite
This guy has absolutely no idea what he's talking about, don't listen to him it definitely works on the remaster.
The giant sentinel link doesn't lead to the sentinel page
If you care about farming them, you’ll need about 140 or 150 in total. Only the ones that drop double are worth farming, the rest I just skip