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Running r1
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Pike is one of many newbie traps intended for trolling inexperienced players. Yes... Newbie traps are vital part of Dark Souls.

It looks dangerous and from description and requirements you can say it has to be a good weapon right?

Well... No. If you are looking for long range poking weapon Moonlight Butterfly Horn, Demon's Spear or Silver Knight Spear are far more superior and if you just want to use a spear any other spear is better than this.

So what's wrong with Pike? High requirements compared to moderate damage, useless charge attack, heavy weight and large stamina use.

Well of course you can kill any enemy and boss with this. Of course you can make build oriented around maxing it's damage for very high values. Sure it's DS you can do anything you want and use any approach. But all of this doesn't change one fact... You'll do same thing much easier with other weapons.
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Doesn't matter. Weapon is fun. I use it.
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One of the special hard mode weapons. When basic game is not hard enough for you can pick some inpractical weapon like this one.
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Zweihänder may be one of my favorites, but THIS carried me through the Depths where Zwei kept bouncing off walls
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The strength requirement is almost as bad as the zwei needing 10 dex