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I'm never gonna get my fists...
My advice always, add more unique weapons, whips, scythes, boomerangs, but keep the ratio 3:1 so that unique weapons are still, you know “unique”!
That would make too much sense.
I wish there was a faster option than just sword. That seems a tad underwhelming.
This game is all about skills there are skills that allow u to attack fast af u just need to get them
This game is all about skills there are skills that allow u to atk fast af u just need to get them
Really wish this game had scythes. I'll miss my DS3 dual scythes set up.
Needs: Daggers, Scythe, Bow, Claws/Fists. And probably more.
I'll be disappointed if there's no dual wield!
there is a claw and why have a bow when you can just shoot them with a gun but i agree scythes and daggers would be nice
I agree, I was hoping for a knife or dagger class.
I'm starting to get some The Surge flashbacks, with it only having 5 weapon types as well. The movesets in The Surge were very diverse among types, though, which really helped it. Maybe this will be the case?
In the demo, the two bayonet rifles had very different light attack combos, so I think this'll be the case.



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I can second that. The lost broadsword had a very different moveset from the queenslayer/sunset/lost swords.
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I saw a guy wielding what i presume to be a rare twohanded sword, it was curved, had a flat tip with one serrated edge. Where can i find this sword?
nvmd i found it, queenslayers gs
Where was it?
What about the God Eater collab weapons?
Can you put in a sword that is like a katana-sheath type of weapon for swords? Please? that would be awesome!