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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Weight is incorrect on the blood-stained skirt. Should be 2.5. At least that is what I see here while playing the remastered version.
Best light armor set in the game in my opinion. A true joy for an SL1 run when highly upgraded.
The “event” when (spoilers) kills her seems to be the third fire keeper soul. Just made a new game to try a faith build, and was clearing out blighttown before challenging the Gargoyles when i discovered her dead. Estus was at +2 and as soon as i found the third soul, she was dead
I'm not able to get the Dingy set now because, well.. I kinda kicked lautrec off the edge of firelink for his ring.. stopping the event where he kills her. Do I have to kill the firekeeper to get her set?
Actually, the fire keeper cant be killed by the player, so this will be a thing for NG+1. Lautrec kills her after you get both bells OR after you get the undead parish fire keeper soul AND the blighttown fire keeper soul, whichever comes first.