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who ever wrote the tips for this weapon is really biased.
But also really honest. The Mail breaker is just that bad.
Are they wrong though?
"Desirable for its swift attacks and light weight." Yeah that sure is heavy handed, huh? Really showing their hand with that tirade of..... *counts*.... eleven words. Fextralife Gamergate bias in media buzzword buzzfeed etc.
Thrust and Crit weapons should not be underestimated.
This weapons doesn't do bleed damage. Fix this.
When a simple letter opener isn't edgy enough.
Does anyone actually use this... if so let me know why lol
i might use it for an exorcist build, to stab the vampre's heart.
this is definitely not a main hand weapon. in the off-hand, however, it works better as a parrying dagger for me than the actual Parrying Dagger; I combine it with the longsword in the main hand. PD's parry animation takes very long to finish in comparison. the Mail Breaker's one is just a quick circular turn, so when learning to parry or perfecting your timing it's much more forgiving. I found myself improving the fastest with zero poise, it really forces you to time your parries well. when you've done it enough, parrying goes nearly automatically. it's very satisfying. you can also sneak in some quick damage for a low stamina cost if the opportunity arises, though that's risky and requires enough knowledge of the moveset of your enemy.
It's good for someone on their first NG until they get something better. Decent critival though.
It's based off a dagger in real life used to parry or use as a quick stab in close proximity. This weapon can parry in the offhand just like the katana, but it's parry is fast rather than medium.



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A thrusting sword that is just as small as, and does less damage than basically any dagger.
Despite what everyone else says Mail Breaker is a good weapon for its weight class. 0.5 weight makes a huge difference between fast and medium rolling and the fast attacks, high crit, and shield poke makes this weapon very viable for a sidearm to slow and heavy weapons. It's main competition is the Dagger which has a more versatile moveset and can be used with no Dex investment but has no shield poke.

Best to make it Lightning/Chaos most of the time or +15 if you're using Leo Ring.