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ATM I'm playing DKS2 vanilla because SotFS won't run on my computer (which is solid rig btw and ruins all other games with zero problems for years) but question remains for both game versions.

I'm noticing some activity through my playthru, few guys on iron bridge in evening, I do few invasions per day to keep thing interesting but I'm often without targets to invade. Sometimes I can call for white co-op before the boss but mostly not. So there is some pvp-co op activity but not much. But better something then nothing, right?

Thing is, currently I'm hitting 5M SM meta and now I have to carry agape ring - which I hate. I love to have the souls for buying armor sets, stuff, consumables, casting dark magic ... you know to be deservingly rich in lategame - as I deserve. I hate limitation of not having enough souls of my character. Really this game is really not that bad and has excellent pvp even / but SM limitation is stupidest idea that was ever introduced to dark souls games.

So my question is - are there still pvp tiers present that most ppl play in? Is there a difference pre /post SM 5m?
Will I notice less players in 5M+ SM tier level? Or will I suddenly encounter havelmages and tryhards? Experiences?
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Soul memory only maters when trying to co op, or when trying to invade with cracked eye orbs and such. If you are duelling in arenas there is no matching mechanism other then what play through you are on (NG,NG+,...)

As for the agape ring. It is great I found if you wish to stay at a low soul memory and take part in pvp with others at low levels. Soul memory assuring they're not too much above or below you.

And about activity. Turn on cross region play. People all over the world are playing!

Hope some of this helped and good luck!!