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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Man somehow Oscar didnt drop the shield
Try reloading the game
You didn't kill him at the start of the game, did you?
Best shield in the game, Change My Mind
100% physical, 80% magic, solid stability and can parry. Even looks might be right.
Blocking dark bead with this shield isn’t recommended due to it’s small amount of stability, but can save your life with its high magic absorbion.
Alternatively, you can use this shield to proc Karmic Justice against Dark Bead users. They get exploded and you will just barely survive.
Paired with Chloranthy or Mask of the Child, this shield is perfect for dealing with dopes who only know how to spam Wrath of the Gods or ranged spells. Even against someone wearing Crown of Dusk and using Power Within (and I assume Bellowing Dragoncrest), this shield was reducing what would be 1HKO's to less than 100-HP blows. Had a dark spirit jump off a cliff after they realized their plan to use high poise and high magic attack wasn't going to work for **** without a backup weapon, lmao.
Funny cause i look at that shield and laugh as i***** on them with any cast.
Official Hoody design of this shield:
Have to say, a good choice vs magic based foes, and I might add a savior vs fourkings