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By Anonymous
What is the fastest way to get sin?
By Anonymous
Invade players and drop indictments for them. Kill them after they pick indictments so they can indict you (grants +1 sin).
By Anonymous
Masturbate in front of a Ben and Jerry's
By Anonymous
Agreed. Diligent and sustained masturbation whilst sitting in front of the nearest Ben and Jerry's will result in maximum sin points
By Anonymous
Step 1: Invade as Giantdad
Step 2: Kill them and point down or do Well What is it?
Step 3: Watch the magic happen.
By Anonymous
Stocking up on indictments? How honorable of you. Keh heh heh heh!
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Listen to k-pop
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So if I killed Daughter of Chaos, how do I make Eingyi friendly again?
By Anonymous
I'm pretty sure you can't, Eingyi didn't aggro from you attacking him so I don't think absolving will un-aggro him, I could be wrong though
By Anonymous
go into NG+
By Anonymous
Does changing convenants at a bonfire cause sin or any negative affects?
By Anonymous
Changing covenants at a bonfire does not cause sin, however the number of covenant items you’ve given will be halved.
hes right and wrong you will lose a rank in the covenant and any progress in leveling up in the covenant so if your gravelord cov +3 and dont wanna grind for 50 more eyes of death then dont swap
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2019 any1?
By Anonymous
2020any1? Whoops, can't tell them about Bloodborne coming out in 2021
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2021 anyone. Sorry can't tell you about sekiro coming out in 2022
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2022 Sorry can't tell you about Elden Ring coming out in 2023
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2023 sorry cant tell you about demon souls 2 coming out in 2024
By Anonymous
2024 sorry cant tell you about cookie and cream remastered coming out in 2025
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2021 anyone?
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By Anonymous
2025 sorry can't tell you about Dark Souls 3 Remastered coming out in 2026
By lastmandar
trying to understand whats going on . . .
By Brotienshake
NPC sin- only bad if you anger Gwynevere- can't get rid of this sin but can pay to get rid of the rest NpE sin- lets even more invaders try to kill you- can only get rid of this by letting them kill you. keeps going if you keep winning invasions but sins won't be added for winning
By Anonymous
in darksouls remastered can you request absolution for patches in tomb of the giants if u accidently answer the the cleric question wrong?
By Anonymous
There's anyway to cancel Gwynnevere sin?. NG+ or...?
By Anonymous
Have not tried myself, but I believe she is alive again when you add the next +. I believe the idea is the dark Anor Londo is tied to Gwynnevere's illusion being gone, so with her back in place it should be light mode again.
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By ThunderFlip
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You can't cancel the sin on that playthrough, but Anor Londo and her illusion reset to their original state on the next NG+ cycle.
By Anonymous
NG+ resets the world and removes any key in jour inventory but you keep evry other item in jour posession
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Is killing Patches considered a sin?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
I think it is considered incurring exceptionally good karma
By Anonymous
no, it’s an act of public service
By Voidmaster
it should give you a discount from when you want to absolve your PvE sins
By Anonymous
Angering Gwyndolin is either not a sin or either a permanent sin because I accidentally went through the wall being a dumb dumb and now I can’t resolve my sin so it’s either a permanent or not a sin at all