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can this be used after killing ornstien and smough?
Yes, just did this morning.
It can be used as long as you are inside the hall with the royal guardians and silver knight archer.
Yes it can be used after ornstien
stfu retar
Not finding the black eye stone on corpse.
48 vitality 66 endurance 16 strength 10 dexterity But don't tell anyone u leveled that up. Wut rings u got, havels ring Ring of favor and protection stamina health equipment load, and everything you would ever need, giants giants giants, black flame black flame, don't forget chaos twohander +5 mask of the father best mask in the entire game. My friends, welcome to easy mode
Good old Giantdad. Never gets old.
Nicely said
african american eye orb
Love this
do I need to use humanity to use this?
Does it get consumed after using it and killing Lautrec? Or can you keep it
It gets consumed and you can't go back to his world (although its just regular ol' Anor Londo though). You get a Souvenir of Reprisal after killing him though. Feels good to chop off the ******* ear for killing the firekeeper.