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I did not get this set in DS Remastered.
It aint called that in the remaster, but its the same set afaik
Source: got it just now after beating that thicc boi
Probably because you picked the Knight or another class.
This set just sucks man.
I still don't understand how this has 0 poise for the most part except for the helmet with 5. A freaking chest on your head gives 15 poise, why an entire set purposely crafted for a mid-weight melee fighter gives 5? Apart from the defense it just sucks compared to other armor of similar weight like the chain set, that weights almost the same but gives way more poise and also more overall defense, this armor is better just for the looks, and even that's subjective. I like how simple yet practical it looks, has this Roman vibe to it, too bad the ingame stats says otherwise.
Guess the warrior set is meant to be the heaviest leather armor for dex builds with some good str - no poise excepted. Elemental protection is pretty good, especially lightning and bleed too.
I'd say it would have been reasonable to give the torso and leggings 5 poise as well. 15 isn't too much, but should let you tank a light hit
Do any of the pieces count as metal armor that reduces stamina regen slightly?
Any build that could make some use of this set? This only has 5 poise total, so I was wondering.
don't understand why only the helm has poise, and not even enough to poise through daggers, pretty silly. good fashion tho!
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Did the whole game with this set; using a shortsword, a heater shield and a light crossbow. With FaP ring and 38 endurance, you fastroll in it. Gotta agree that this is a bit heavy for not having poise, but nice defense and fashion!
i was about to do it right now :D yeah this set is amazing i love how you can uset in dark souls 3 in my opinion the most iconic armor
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