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1.5 weight and poise of 7, plus very decent defenses - enjoying this in remastered. Though yea looks like the dog and you played a game of pull for your boxers, and the dog won. There's an annoying, clinking noise as well with this equipped, it's not not quieter like black leather. But poise of 7 and wt 1.5 is too good to pass up.
The noise you make is determined by your chest piece, not your pants.
Best armor in the game.
With 7 poise for 1.5 weight it has the best Poise/Weight ratio in the game.
If you PvE you can freely pass this up
But in PvP this is one of the most utilized pieces.
Even in PVE it's very good, especially for casters build
I hate that this armour is so good. It makes 0 sense this has 7 poise, worst looking armour in the game
Save the Fashion Souls for Dark Souls 3. Between this and the family masks, just accept that you’re character isn’t going to look cool or unique in DS1. Just put on your poise diaper and be happy that there’s a lot of viable build variety in DS1.



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poise diaper
nice one


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I call it the "Minmax Skirt," but "Poise Diaper" works too.
hmph... what a waste of cloth
go and fall off a cliff
Someone lost a pvp duel...
Free poise i guess