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I caught a super rare danger noodle next to the cannons :D
When Kulve came back for the first time, I caught 4 of these little burritos
All hail the burrito snake
I can't find these things. Are they really rare?
They are quite rare. I have done some research, apparently you get them to spawn either in the tunnel leading from the camp to area 2 where those Calappas spawn. Other sources suggest that they spawn near those cannons in area 1. Many people have gotten them to spawn from mining nodes across area 1 as well. I have yet to get mine, however I only started trying today. Ultimately, it is all RNG though >_< Good luck hunting yours!
I saw some guides on YouTube, apparently you also get it to spawn from mining nodes -
The ones in the high areas, yeah. You don't actually need to mine them, just go near them. A bit like with the cannons.
I was able to find one near the cannons right at the start of the KT hunt. I didn't even know about it until I saw it and immediately caught it with my net. Sometimes, RNG is kind.
I found one in area 2 while kulve was running to area 3. In that horde of copper calapas.
i found before i even knew anything about it. i just slithering near a cannon
moisturize me