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If you lure the first to the watery area they have attacks they can only do in the water. They can swim and can spit the same substance as the mass of souls in new londo. Baiting them to do it os very easy. I love these guys and nobody knows about these attacks. It really is interesting as only the first one can do it as the rest leash before the water. I theorize they were originally more plentiful in the game and we're originally where the crystal golem near hydra were. Praise the froggies.


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Wut. I have to try this. Also what watery area specifically? You mean where the Hydra is? It's been awhile since I've played dark souls 1 so I can't picture the layout of the area in my head well.
I've checked this out and it works
these things are adorable...
i just think they're neat
The statement by anon below is surprisingly true. For anyone interested in crazy things normally unnoticed in the game, you can lure one of these things to the shallow pool of water where the first stone golem spawns and it will float across the water using a new animation. It will also get new moves, such as spitting the grey gunk stuff that the mass of souls attack.
Weird i went through two Play thtoughs with this game and never once noticed these
Where can i find them?
When you find Andre the blacksmith, go further down to Darkroot Garden, on the way you will find locked building and ambush of 3 living bushes. If you kill the you will find wide open location, go right to the nearest tree in the corner and start attacking it. After killing a tree go further down with new unlocked path where you'll find these creatures, 1 consumable soul and wolf ring.
Try tongue.
Wow, I've had DS1 for over two years now and did countless playthroughs but not once have I come across this area, until now. Just randomly found it because I punched that one tree for no reason in particular. lol
Just went through the same thing but with the shortcut in Sen's fortress. This game is lush.
Good enemy