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Worst weapon unless buffed in remastered.
Three words: Straight Sword Hilt
Ghost Blade
20% my *** lol. Max item discovery of 410 and I've killed an actual 50+ with no drop. Either my luck is THAT bad or the estimate on its drop rate is a bit exaggerated.
Lmao....I second this I've killed 60+ and no drop yet. I kill the first set of 4 take the elevator and kill the 2 in front then homeward bone. I've done this more than 10 times now and lost count. Came here to make sure I was even farming the right enemy and find this, SMH.
I had no idea this weapon existed and I'm already on NG+7. 20% drop rate is an outright LIE. Anyway back to farming.
I think 20% is exagerated but could be even a little bit of bad luck. I was farming for the stone great sword and, even if the drop rate should be the sam as the shield, after 100 stone guardian killed i had farmed like 8 shield (even 2 in the same run from the first 2 stone knights killed...) and not even a sword. It took like 108 stone knight to find it
I only dropped one in my life, and it was in my int build lol
cry babays here. This weapon is very fun to use :D
if you want to have fun give it a try. If you want to become the next noob spammer like almost every other current player pick up the zweihander or the falchion and spamm R1
I hate that this weapon is considered an axe and not a hammer. How the hell does this thing deal regular damage and not strike??? LOOK AT THAT "BLADE" AND TELL ME IT CAN CUT DOWN A TREE. Dragon King GA and Demon GA were both pretty dull too, but THIS IS LITERALLY A BOULDER STUCK TO A TREE TRUNK. Other than that, I really enjoy using this weapon, especially with Sunlight Blade. R2's are super fun, even the 1h. I don't know why people always rush in when I'm getting ready to yank the thing out of the ground.
Hey doofus, axes are supposed to be dull. They use physics to cut stuff, not sharpness.
And have you ever even looked at an axe irl?
HEY DOOFUS, LOOK AT AN AXE AND THEN LOOK AT TGIS BULL*****That’s a god damn hammer. And if we’re going by your logic, swords aren’t sharp either, because a brittle edge would be eroded in no time and wouldn’t be able to cut deep enough.
Someone's salty
And swords are sharp dumdum :P
Special: somewhat
goddamn i love this weapon
Is there any point to even using this weapon? Don't get me wrong, I love it's heavy attack and I think it's super cool-looking but it's ar is severly lacking compared to other weapons in the same class, at 50 str it is outdamaged by every single other greataxe, not to mention that it's weight is the highest in it's class, matched only by the dragon king greataxe (which has a cooler heavy attack and doesn't need anything over 34 str so you can invest more in end). The only advantage it has is that it's upgraded with twinkling titanite, which is pretty easy to get early in your playthrough, but even that's offset by the fact that you can only get it after placing the lordvessel. So if you like this weapon, please tell me if I'm missing something about it because I really wanted to like it.
Chill out on the apostrophes, bro. Not every "its" requires one.
"Its" gets an apostrophe if it's used as "it is." It doesn't if its meaning is referring to something the "it" has.
It is not a 20% chance, it is a 2% chance.
more like 0% this guy just give me souls and deaths
probably just use demon greataxe