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By Anonymous
only ever used these once, my first time fighting O&S. couldnt kindle past 10 and ran out of estus midfight, ended up chugging 2 of em. theyre honestly redundant.. the only time it makes sense to use one is if you're poisoned + toxic, fighting something that inflicts bleed, are out of moss, have no hard humanity, and are out of estus. and when tf does that happen?? I just hoard em nowadays.
By Anonymous
You can also get one from alvina if you kill someone as an invader
By Anonymous
oops i didnt see that in the location part
By Anonymous
Gwynevere's bath water
By Voidmaster
Dark Souls' version "I keep this one for when i am going to have a harder fight later" and then never use it
By Anonymous
Do these restore at the same rate as estus? Like the same frames. I know it's faster than humanity
By Anonymous
All healing items besides elizabeths mushrooms heal at exactly the same rate. Although the animation for the health bar takes some time to fill your health actually heals instantly. You can see this if you are hit by a weak attack while drinking estus, as your heath will skip the animation if you are damaged during the animation of the health bar filling up.
By Anonymous
theory: these may be able to reset npc's upon drinking,as if you absolved your sins with the cloaked dude.. anyone willing to test?
By Anonymous
Lmao why would that be a thing
By Anonymous
Assuming you started with one as your gift, you can only get 9 of these in one play through (10 with the forest hunter stuff). So how come all of these old DS1 pvp videos have people with 99 of them? Sorry if this question is dumb, it’s just been bugging me
By Anonymous
Could be any number of reasons. Copied/ backed up save file, item duping, maybe they were actually bored enough to farm that many blessings.
By Anonymous
I think NG+
By Anonymous
too good to ever use