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By Anonymous
woah this is so thorough and helpful wow
By Anonymous
Wow there are so many maps...
By Anonymous
thanks for the maps, really needed it.
By Anonymous
where are the maps?
By Anonymous
For all those complaining about the lack of maps, it is a wiki. COMMUNITY DRIVEN SUBMISSIONS.
By Anonymous
yes, that's good "mädel's"!
the map doesn't exist...
but one more question:
Is there a mod that causes the large "in-game" map to display properly oriented?

should mean: above is north, below is south...
and so forth...
(I'm sure you can imagine the rest) ^^
By Anonymous
yes... me again... haha!
because that's the only problem I have with the game.
i like it "tidy".
only as soon as you open the map do you have to remember in which direction the current character is looking, so that you can turn the map "right way around"... ^^

I'm sorry, but I don't like "things like that"! ^^
(I think that's how we germans are!) ^^