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Can upgrade materials be transferred without limit? E.g. could a soul level 6 player summon someone high level and get slabs from them or is there a limit to this?
I believe the only thing stopping this would be summon limits.
I would say so. Especially with password trading happening without level limitations, as far as I can tell.
Yes, I trade my slabs with a friend sl 1, also upgraded armor can be traded with new players
Had this bug I dropped an item for a friend and switched profile and had him drop the same item for me and I couldnt see it or pick it up though another friend of our could
i had the same issuse
Its because weapon matchmaking exists now. And even with a password you cant pick up weapon out of your range. Try upping a twinkling weapon a few times and it should work.
And what if i give +0 weapon and the materials to upgrade it?
Need pvp equpiment . Gt: ninja swag01
Anyone wanna part with a priscilla dagger on ds remastered?


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I wish you luck in your quest for that trade mate ☺
Sure, where
Wondering if anyone can help, I wanna drop the abyss ring for a friend so he can do kings but still keep the forrest open for invasions, idea is to make a save file and load my save once I give him the ring. Its giving me the option to "drop" in remastered so im.assuming that'll work?
"Rings can be transferred except rings related to story progression i.e the Covenant of Artorias."
Did you even read what the wiki said
i messed up my pyromancer. its a str based pyro using the man serpent great sword for the main weapon. soooo i got to blight town beat quealagg and went tot the covenant passed the chat too fast and said no...... not realizing i can reload the area to re answer it.......... well i killed him AND i did the same thing with the pyromancer you save. he threw out the what did you find at plus 8 i said sure and he went mad. so now i have no one to upgrade my pyro flame to 10. i made a new toon just need to transfer the souls and weapons and armor most of it not upgraded just need to beable to get my pyro flame to plus 10 lol =(.
if you're on ps4 my id is lolifuhrer
first, dont kill npcs
second, dont worry about restarting. youll get all your gear back
also, i recommend claymore, zweihander, gravelord sword, or giant club for str builds
Anyone know the restrictions on weapon trading in DS:Remastered? My friend and I wanted to transfer some equipment to lower lvl chars, but those lower chars were unable to see certain weapons.
same happened to me today. I think it is possible to trade the upgrade materials + the unupgraded weapon though which is basically the same. But well my lightning uchi + 5 and chaos iaito + 5 is maxed already.. wondering when exactly I can transfer them
Have a Kirk Build but I accidentally Missed killing him in the depths so I have everything but his armor. Anyone wanting to trade me a set of thorns for 7 twinkling titanite, or A certain weapon or Armor I might have?
Question is the black knight halberd tradeable on dark souls remastered i farmed it and got it to drop on a random character i made and want to trade it to a buddy to give to my main playthrough character but every time i drop it he cant see it. Is there something i need to do or he needs to do so we can trade it?
It's because the weapon matchmaking, the BK halberd is a special weapon, so it counts as a regular +5, try run to valley of drakes and pick up the astora sword, this will put you in the weapon range
I'm having the same problem