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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

lol, you start at route A which ends at chapter 10. Then you play route B which is pretty much route A except small portion of extra story spread out, and you play as 9S (boring combat, heavy attack replaced by hack mini game). Real difference is only at chapter 8 & 9 which are done more quicker, and they are mini games mostly and not combat. Endings are identical soo just skip them.

Then AFTER that, you can finally progress to the rest of the game/story which are 7 more chapters. Jesus, playing through B feel more like unnecesary work than fun soo you pretty much feel done with the game at C. But becaus you finally get there, well....
Route B is all about additional plot. Sure, you see mostly the same gameplay scenes, but you gain access to a massive number of archive entries and the special cutscenes with 9S narrating the pasts of machines. I agree combat was less interesting with him, but the fragments of understanding for the world thrown everywhere more than made up for it.
While the plot development from seeing things in a different perpective is welcome and enriching, I do agree with the original comment in that I felt fatigued of the game by the time route C started. I just wanted to get done with it. That’s not the feeling they should ideally want players to have, this needed to have been done in a different way.
I've only played route C once, after which I went for the E ending so I found myself replaying the whole thing again.

Now I'm curious as to whether it matters if you chose one character over the other in route C at different intervals. Because I didn't want to miss anything I kept alternating between characters but I'm curious as to what would happen if you played just one, say A2, for the rest of the game everytime you got to chose. Do the 9S chapters get skipped or are you focred to play them afterwards?
Played through the opposite way - i did all of 9S's chapters first. You can keep picking 9S up to a certain point, but after that it forces you to pick A2 and you just go through her missions as normal. You'd just be seeing it out of chronological order.
If you continuously select one character you are still made to select the other. I picked exclusively A2 until it made me choose 9s