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By Anonymous
If you find this after blighttown it's ******* useless
By Anonymous
You can use it in sens fortress to get past the demons. It's under the first set of swinging axes on the bridge and there's a lair of tar slowing u down.
By Anonymous
It is very useful in the Hydra fight
By Anonymous
much like this comment
By Anonymous
Not necessarily useless after blighttown. May also use it at the bottom area of sins fortress where demon are.
By Anonymous
Useful against Hydra, too.
By Anonymous
Not really necessary at all, get up close till it stops spitting water at you and just block until the heads attack them swing and repeat. Don’t need to move at all
By Anonymous
The door is locked, what key do i need to get through?
By MarkedElite
Undead Asylum F2 West key. It's on top of one of the buildings in firelink shrine and you can get to it from the same staircase by the the nest that takes you back to the Undead Asylum again.
By Anonymous
The key is on the roof of the building at firelink shrine. The building that the Way of the White dude is in. Its accessible once you send the elevator down from Undead Parish.
By Anonymous
You can easily go back to the asylum with some parkour and the key is on the bodu on top of that petril dudes head
By Anonymous
If u have this ring in ng+, bligthtown it's quite confortable
By Anonymous
Pretty good for the golden Golem after killing the hydra. But still useless after blighttown. Greetings AHC
By Anonymous
It's also useful at the bottom of Sen's fortress when trying to fight the titanite Demons
By Anonymous
the most necessary ring in the game and staple of every character according to journalists
By Anonymous
The german Prepare to Die version lies about what this ring does.

"Erhöht Balance" - "increases poise"
By Anonymous
Damn Nazis
By Anonymous
It's a shame that you'll probably hit up FPS Town before returning to the asylum. Really useful there.