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How do you enchant gear?
When you have enough materials do enchant (keep in mind that you can only enchant items with yellow background) you will see a green plus icon in upper left corner of the item, click it, it opens enchanting menu. You will have a few options, and I think you can use all of them if you have materials.
Can confirm that there aren't enchantment limits anymore, so you can add all possible enchantments to an item. You do have to do the main enchantments (fine, excellent, superb) in order though so raising an item from basic to superb is quite costly. Also this is probably a bug but Eder's Saint's War Armor isn't legendary (no yellow background) but it can be enchanted.
How do you restore health if resting doesn't work? I have a status affect on them. Lingering Frailty, and it has knocked their HP down by 15%, and it doesn't go away and they don't recover from it. I've rested now 72 hours total and nothing. Need any help offered.
They need to eat during the rest in order to recover from the wound.
Put food into slots by portraits when resting
how to raise ship's crew moral ?
I can't discover any clock on the interface so when I face a quest that requires night or daytime conditions I don't know how long I have to wait for that.