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How do you enchant gear?
When you have enough materials do enchant (keep in mind that you can only enchant items with yellow background) you will see a green plus icon in upper left corner of the item, click it, it opens enchanting menu. You will have a few options, and I think you can use all of them if you have materials.
Can confirm that there aren't enchantment limits anymore, so you can add all possible enchantments to an item. You do have to do the main enchantments (fine, excellent, superb) in order though so raising an item from basic to superb is quite costly. Also this is probably a bug but Eder's Saint's War Armor isn't legendary (no yellow background) but it can be enchanted.
Right click on an item. If it is enchantable, you'll have a blue option box at the bottom of the description pop-up. Note: if you've an item ready for enchantment, a little gold block will appear on the item (like the level up cross for your characters, but on the other side). Once you're in the enchantment page, all items which can be enchanted will be listed. Items whose ingredient and money criteria are met will be highlighted. Those which are lacking a component will be greyed out. 2nd note: don't confuse enchantables with soul bindables. To enchant a soul bindable item, you must a> bind it to a character, and then b> follow the instructions in the item's description. The soul bound are unique unto themselves, and each requires case specific qualifications to be met prior to its enchantment upgrade. Such upgrades happen automatically, and when they upgrade the game automatically pulls up the item's description page to let you know the item's criteria has been fulfilled and new criteria are now in place
How do you restore health if resting doesn't work? I have a status affect on them. Lingering Frailty, and it has knocked their HP down by 15%, and it doesn't go away and they don't recover from it. I've rested now 72 hours total and nothing. Need any help offered.
They need to eat during the rest in order to recover from the wound.
Put food into slots by portraits when resting
Make sure to drag some food (like fresh fruit) into the box by the afflicted character. Be sure the description isn't grayed out. If you fed them an item you no longer have in your stash (ran out or put it all in the ship's food stores), it still shows the description but has zero effect whilst resting.
how to raise ship's crew moral ?
Feed them good food and drink, not water and hardtack. Win sea battles, and share the wealth. Make sure anyone who's injured is put in a reserve slot so your surgeon can administer aid. DON'T STARVE YOUR CREW. DON'T DEHYDRATE YOUR CREW. DON'T WORK AN INJURED CREW MEMBER. unless, of course, you want a mutiny...
I can't discover any clock on the interface so when I face a quest that requires night or daytime conditions I don't know how long I have to wait for that.
Bottom left row of toggles, center toggle. It'll either be a campfire or an hourglass (depends where you happen to be at the time). If it's a fire, you have to choose to wait instead of resting. If it's an hourglass, waiting is the only option. There's a set of luminaries on the horizontal scroll bar. Hover over them and they will tell you which one they represent (i.e. dawn, midnight, etc.).
Como eu consigo retirar a maldição de Bertha que cai, eu não sei colocar as almas no leme