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Oh since I've started my first playthru (PC, vanilla game /SOTFS refuses to work on my rig) I've noticed to my dismay that many of NPC traders refuse to cooperate with my poor quality warror bandit because apparently I'm too dumb : ) - INT 1

So I've respecced to half quality (40 str 30 int) balanced PvE build (solid endurance, adaptability) with 8/8 in int/fai - I'm almost mundane build at this point, all I lack is attunement : )
My plan is to get all the stuff, spells, miracles, to stock usable items and get at least most especially good weapons and armor sets of all npc's in game. Why? Well if I want to change my build later, something like dex warrior mage etc. if I feel bored. I'll have lot of souls anyway staying at lvl 150.

So any tips would be helpful. ...what to buy first, best pvp spells /gear, what covenant to raise first, who to kill ... I know some of trainers get you some goodies at high primary stat (wis, int) etc
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Well then you've got your work cut out for you.

Some spells, especially covenant related spells, are really hard to get.

I don't know of any walkthrough that I trust, but what I would do is take this one step at a time.

It's not like there are areas that become completely unavailable, so pick up anything you find, grab what's left by using the wiki.

I assume that's not the walkthrough that you wanted, but it's all I've got for you at the moment.
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