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By Anonymous
Can you get more than one ring of the sun princess if you trade with snuggly the crow
By Anonymous
You probably can, but you cannot equip more than 1 of the same ring.
By Anonymous
I was wondering about that too since it's a covenant related item. Maybe if you don't stay in the Princess Guard going into NG+ since you have to reacquire covenants?
By Anonymous
No, but you can trade the ring for two divine blessings, though I would strongly advise against it.
By Anonymous
I didn't know this, and ended up trading her the ring, assuming I could get a new one in new game +. don't make the same mistake I did.
By Lux_the_Lost
Try checking the chest behind Frampt in the Firelink Shrine if you... for whatever reason... end up doing this. Covenant items and things that might prove gamebreaking if you lose them (ie. Charred Orange Ring) tend to end up there
By Anonymous
There seems to be a bug in the remaster. I dropped this ring in snuggly’s nest, quit out my game, and then realoaded only to find nothing was there. Snuggly didn’t give me the 2 divine blessings and the ring was no longer in the nest. I’m not sure what went wrong, because I was able to trade everything else with snuggly without issue.
By Anonymous
I noticed that I've seen the white ring shape on the ground even on a character that hadn't even reached Anor Londo yet, let alone join the covenant.
By Anonymous
They also appear for a few other covenants
By Anonymous
The white ring is not exclusive to covenants, it's something that indicates Miracle Resonance. This ring boosts Miracle Resonance by 1 level.
By Anonymous
White rings could appear in anyones world anywhere, even if they arent human form or in any covenant. They are probably bugged since the Remaster though because they are way too rare.
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She married a Mexican dessert ey?
By Anonymous
Item description: ... and later became wife to Flame God Flann. search for flan on google
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By Anonymous
If you trade the ring and reach Gwynevere in NG+ whilst not belonging to any covenant or simply being in a different one you WILL receive the ring again upon joining.
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thats why i came here, thanks!
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brooo I can't believe she cheated on flann with dragon man with child of dragons, fat rip for him i guess he must be an ignorant slave
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From the "Notes" section: "Stacks with Ring of the Sun's Firstborn, Crown of Dusk and Crown of the Dark Sun, for the miracles 'Force' ..."

Force? What exactly does this do to force? Multiply the damage by 10000?
By Anonymous
Increases radius
By Anonymous
Whats the difference between this and ring of the suns firstborn
By Anonymous
the suns first born ring increases the amount of damge damaging miracles such as lightning spear or wrath of the gods do.
th ring of the sun princess increases the effects of miracle synergy, which is an online mechanic that means when one player uses a miracle sometimes in another players world a white circle will show up where the first person cast that miracle and if you cast the same miracle near that white ring it boosts the effect of the miracle.
By Anonymous
that is adorable i wish that kind of thing was more prevalent in modern games