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By Anonymous
This is *******..i need to trigger it first to be counted as completed...f*ck
By Anonymous
Umm yeah. Thats the same with all quests.
By Anonymous
looks like the quest triggered you
By Anonymous
Damn that was funny
By Anonymous
This quest is best done solo, the monsters don't have as much health and you can take your time,
sort out 3 loadouts with skills to match each monster before you start, saves time changing weapons ect...

Don't forget Kushla on Tempered builds up Immunity now to Flash bombs so go easy on them or you'll never get him out of the air.
To avoid the 1 hit kills with Teostra and Nergigante either use the Evade skills to avoid taken any damage or use the Guard Up to block any attack.
By Clara
Are they overall debuffed or anything? I can't even man handle nerg untempered, but I had him limping almost dead in the first 30sexonds
By Anonymous
Their health is cut to about 33% each, but other things remain The same
By Anonymous
Kill nergigante in 6 min
Daora 7
Teostra 6 :)
By Anonymous
With great sword impact
By Anonymous
just beat it in 22 mins!
By Anonymous
nobody gives a***** *****
By Anonymous
18 minutes with a long sword, easy but very fun
By Anonymous
ofc you did
By Anonymous
daora in 12 Teostra in 15 nergi in 18
By Anonymous
to anyone having trouble, every monster has a weak side that ALSO baits out attacks. teostra's is close range on the right (left works but has a smaller window to attack) baiting out his flamethrower attack which has a blindspot under it's chin. nergigante has a blindspot under it's chest just watch for its telegrams for any spike explosions and superman dive the divebomb attack (the spikes shoot out, so you won't be safe otherwise). kushala has very simple moves from it's front, and it's hard to bait it into using anything else up close, but this is compensated for having nearly a full 30 seconds of free hits from the 3 flash pods you can use on him when he's in the air, make em count, chain them into flinches and knockdowns.
By Anonymous
It should be noted that you can put crafting events in your radial menu. This means that 1. you can craft instantly with the press of two keys. 2. You can actually carry 13 flash pods per person. (10 flash bugs, 3 pods)
By Anonymous
Bringing the full 13 flashes is generally good advice, as well as putting important crafts on the radial menu (besides flashes, barrel bombs and ammo come to mind). That said, remember that tempered monsters gain flash immunity after the 4th flash, so you can't use the full 13 flashes on tempered Kushala. If you use them wisely, however, 4 flashes should be more than enough.
By Anonymous
Well, and something else very helpful with Nerg is that he doesn't just randomly dive bomb, he does so when he has a full set of spikes on his head and wings and I think his arms, and they all break off after he does it. So basically that lets you know when it's coming and idk, personally when I see his spikes are filled out I generally just back off and let him dive bomb/dive through it to make sure he doesn't catch me unexpectedly. And don't forget you can flash Teo's supernova. It's a little risky I guess, but it'll still cancel his aura and give you a chance to beat on him.
By Anonymous
Extra tips vs Nergigante: Nerg slowly grows his spikes over the course of the battle: Stage 1: No spikes = normal damage | Stage 2: White spikes = weakpoint | Stage 3: Black spikes = low damage and weapon bounce You can "shave" the spikes if you hit a part with white spikes enough. This will delay the OHKO divebomb. Nerg does the divebomb only when ALL his spikes are fully grown (black). When this happens, he will scream, raise in the air, and dive on you. It's advisable to have the "earplugs" skill, so the scream doesn't lock you in place while he's doing the divebomb. And to avoid that divebomb, the superman jump does a great job (jumping while running away from the monster with your weapon sheathed, that jump gives you a huge invulnerability window).
By Anonymous
So much of this is incorrect. Don’t spread misinformation on a wiki.
By Anonymous
So after beat that 3 elder no more quest assigned or optional?
By Anonymous
***** off Handler. You deserve none of this honor.
By Anonymous
Fk yeah she can be annoying af at times
By Anonymous
And ***** you too
By Anonymous
wooow. people are angry at the female side protagonist, who isnt conventionally attractive, who has a silly food quirk, and who doesnt have a reserved speak-unless-spoken-to personality. wait, AND she claimed to be PART OF A TEAM WITH THE PLAYER??
By Anonymous
EZ, all 3 .
By Anonymous
git gud to all those users who dislikes you :/