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By Anonymous
There is a divine corona symbol in place of the shield symbol on the stats chart. I'd change it, but I don't know how to.
By Anonymous
The presented DmgReduction% are wrong. Correct DmgReduction% are physical 100.0%, magic 40.0%, fire 75.0% and lightning 65.0%
By Anonymous
Best shield! Good vs magic and has highest stability in the game.
By Anonymous
'highest stability in the game'? it doesnt even have close to the highest stability in the game, the stability is average
By Anonymous
He obviously meant highest stability of non-greatshields you dingus.
By Anonymous
stats are ok... love the stability, just wish I didn't need to grind silver knights for 4 hours......
By Anonymous
For you or anyone else going through this grind, be sure to grab the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring on your way up Sens Fortress to Arno Londo, then once you are at Solaires Bonfire and ready to start farming for the Silver Knight Shield, use 10 hummanity on yourself while wearing the ring to obtain Max Item Discovery. This will up the drop rate from 1% to 4%.

From memory, I believes theres more than 10 silver knights to farm before needing to rest at the bonfire. Therefore the maths tells us that you should get the shield during your 3rd round of farming them if not sooner. At the very least, it will be nothing compared to 4 hours.

Happy farming everyone!
By Anonymous
I wonder what players thought when they read "illusory goddess" for the first time. Surely someone read that description before pissing off Gwyndolin.
By Anonymous
I did before meeting her for the first time; and at that point I decided to kill hell, which is the first thing I did after meeting her
By Anonymous
how much souls you get from feeding this to frampt?
By Anonymous
Gives 100 souls
By Anonymous
you should never give things to frampt. even extras. you never know when you a) want to lend it to someone, b) want to make a boss weapon, or c) want to dual wield
By Anonymous
Top tier shield : amazing stability for its weight (especially when upgraded !) and decent defensive stats. Easy drop at Anor londo if you clean the area with the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring (using humanities can also help).
By Anonymous
>Easy drop
Been farming the 12 silver knights in Anor Londo with max item discovery (410) for hours now and not a single shield (many spears and str Swords though)
By Anonymous
So, you're really unlucky. Today I explored anor londo with the golden serpent ring to have the SK spear, and I got like four shields. And I didn't had humanity at all.
By Anonymous
Note: The exact amount of Soft Humanities you want next to your health bar for max item discovery is 10. Anymore does nothing for item discovery. 10 Hummanity+Covetous Gold Serpent Ring will give you the max item discovery, increasing the drop rate for any item x4.
By Anonymous
Dude it has a one percent drop rate tf are you on about mate it legit say’s it on the wiki that you’re on smh
By Anonymous
1% isn't always guaranteed, it just means theoretically 1 will drop out of 100 kills, doesn't mean it's guaranteed to happen.
By Anonymous
Great shield, but it sucks that you can't parry with it.
By Anonymous
what do you mean lol, i just got up from the bonfire to check and it works.
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By DrewSephius
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I'm gonna guess DS3, am I right? Or are you doing a shield only run?
By Anonymous
I have many parrying memories with this shield. You are wrong, Sir.
By Anonymous
even if I was assuming you were confusing this with it's DS3 version the DS3 Silver Knight Shield can still parry so I'm not sure what you mean
By Anonymous
Confused for the DS3 Black Knight Shield.
By Anonymous
This shield is the highest stability shield that IS CAPABLE OF PARRYING. I kid you not, its for that reason as a Parry Lover myself, that this is always my go to Parry Shield once I reach Anor Londo
By Anonymous
Why can’t I pick up the shield drop?
By Anonymous
Got the same problem. Only thing left for the knights honor achievment. So frustrating
By Anonymous
Tip: If either of you are really in need of the shield, use 10 humanities, and equip the covetous golden serpent ring. Do not equip the symbol of avarice as well, because it doesn't stack with the ring.