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If you have the polymorph surface swap skill you can use the lava near hnaag and carry it there (may take a minute)
I beat him 5 levels below his (at level 13) and probably could have done it earlier, it's a great move for the XP and the loot...my tactics:
-clean the bridge (use rain on the poison)
-one character shocking him
-one character hitting him with fire
-other characters can do whatever as long as they aren't healing him (examine him for his strengths/weaknesses)

He's weak to fire which is the only reason I thought I might beat him. If he gets a turn to act he'll heal and kill my tank in one shot, but after learning this the hard way I realized I could keep him shocked and burning every round....this makes him completely unable to heal or hit you. I didn't talk to him, I just started attacking him with a shock attack right off the bat. Later I probably could have turned him into a chicken but all it seemed to take was a bunch of shocking attacks (spells, presumably arrows would work of shocking type) and fire attacks. At one point my water was vaporized (by my fireball probably) and that created steam which made targeting him hard, luckily I had shocking touch and other close quarter methods so I kept rolling until he dropped. I'm level 16 now and still using the ring he dropped on that day when I was level 13! So load up on fire and shocking skills/spells and blast away!
Used this method at level 11, whenever i missed a stun on him, at least one member of my party died, so don't miss a stun. You can also sleep, chicken form, atrophy and silence, and freeze him. Shock is the easiest to maintain for long periods of time. Bring soothing cold.
There is a plant thing that generates poison nearby, down the hill. Teleport that up to the bridge, place it right near Grog and set the poison cloud on fire from a distance. This will keep you from starting the fight while continuously damaging him. By time his hp is down to 400 ish, talk to him - he will die almost instantly, clearing the quest.
Legend. Thanks mate.
Easy method of killing Grog is to kite him up to Jahen just north of his bridge. Jahen will join on your side and, being level 20, will tear him apart with impunity.
Can be killed by kiting and burning ground + fire damage skills. Ensnare is also amazing for this because it roots him in the fire. He has no magic armour, very vulnerable to magic CC



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easy way to kill (honor mode, level 11). use fire and oil barrels to create slow and fire arrows. grog is too slow to chase while slowed. having fire elemental totems also helps alot.
Loremaster level 6 shows Grog to be level 18! Evasive aura is very helpful pre fight via source orb in amulet, bouncing shield and fire incarnate fully buffed(pre fight) does heavy damage, setting atrophy will make him do contamination so beware necrofire on the narrow bridge but better that then getting your tank 1 shot, Ruptured tendons also works great while spacing him away so he bleeds and burns at the same time, torturer talent to negate shield if that helps set status, I found he began to flee the fight when his health got below half, but on other occasions he didn't. Was level 12 on first attempt and kept losing so came back at level 14, kept him on fire, status effects to make him miss go and deal damage over time, didn't get hit once, he was only able to fortify and do one contamination the entire fight, but lost a party member to necrofire after fight.




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This was great advice, thanks! I killed him quite easily at level 10, but I laid down several oil lines across the narrow footpath you come up initially, with a gap in the centre for my characters to retreat through, which I just sealed up once they did.
if you kill Marg then go tell Grog he walks away, where does he go? I want to kill him now
You fight him again in Act 4.
He goes to the bridge where Marg's was and asks for money to cross as a toll, 15k if i remember and wouldnt drop the price. To kill him, keep him burning.
all of you with your elaborate schemes when all i did to kill him was apply living on the edge to my polymorph character to keep them at 1 health then used forced exhange to swamp my 1 health with his 10k+ health. set him up for an easy 1 shot kill
or just throw lava from the woods at him with the polymorph skill to swap terrains
First thing he does is casts Fortify which prevents Forced Exchange from working...