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By Anonymous
it is a dex wepon not str
By Anonymous
a straight sword for dex builds ^ ^
By Anonymous
Well heck this is a suprise! Broadsword as a dex weapon! Mind. Blown!
By Anonymous
Not only does this sword scale greatly with dex, it also causes bleeding by default; a very strange straight sword indeed.
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By Rads
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Best straight sword for dex builds. Sharp gets S in dex, has thrust attack and bleed AUX is a nice bonus.
By Anonymous
Why not use a katana or a kilij for a dex build?
By Anonymous
Katana: low durability
Kilij: no thrust
By Anonymous
Probably my favorite sword in the game, grinding for the pure bladestone is rough but it's worth it. Great moveset, low stamina use, and you get it right out of the gate.
By Anonymous
I'm a strength main and even I have to agree this weapon is pretty great! Now if only I could use it lol
By Anonymous
Kinda wish the handle was shorter, other than that I like how it looks
By Anonymous
I love the sword, but I do wish Bluepoint fixed how your character hold the weapon. Choke up on the hilt more, like Dark Souls 3 with its Broadsword variation.